Our new Council will be sworn in on December 2, 2014. Who are your new Council members, and what do they have to say about supporting a sustainable, healthy and vibrant community?

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Council Member Photo Contact Info Survey Results
Brian Bigger


Telephone: 705-674-4455 ext. 2514
Email: mayor@greatersudbury.ca
Facebook: biggersudbury
Twitter:  @BiggerSudbury

Survey results
Mark Signoretti

Ward 1

Telephone: 705-522-3443
Email: mark.signoretti@greatersudbury.ca
Website:  votemarksignoretti.ca
Facebook:  Vote Mark Signoretti for Ward 1

Survey results
Michael Vagnini

Ward 2

Telephone:  705-822-2997
Email: michael.vagnini@greatersudbury.ca

Survey was not completed
Gerry Germain Montpellier

Ward 3

Telephone: 705-698-2759
Email: gerry.montpellier@greatersudbury.ca


Survey was not completed
Evelyn Dutrisac (Incumbent)

Ward 4

Telephone: 705-855-3929
Email: evelyn.dutrisac@greatersudbury.ca

Survey was not completed
Robert Kirwan

Ward 5

Telephone: 705-929-2778
Email: robert.kirwan@greatersudbury.ca
Website: robertkirwan.ca
Twitter: @ValleyEastToday

Survey results
René Lapierre

Ward 6

Telephone: 705-923-5669
Facebook: rene.lapierre.52

Platform (pdf provided by candidate)

Survey results
Mike Jakubo

Ward 7

Telephone: 705-923-9252
Email: mike.jakubo@greatersudbury.ca
Website: www.mikejakubo.ca
Facebook:  Mike Jakubo for Ward 7
Twitter: @mikejakubo


Survey results
Al Sizer

Ward 8

Telephone: 705-592-2029
Email: al.sizer@greatersudbury.ca
Website:  alsizerward8.ca

Survey was not completed
Deb McIntosh

Ward 9

Telephone: 705-929-2517
Email: deb.mcintosh@greatersudbury.ca
Website: debmcintosh.ca
Facebook: debmcintosh.ca
Twitter: @SudburyDeb

Survey results
Fern Cormier

Ward 10

Telephone: 705-586-1640
Email: fern.cormier@greatersudbury.ca
Website: voteferncormier.com
Facebook: ferncormierforward10
Twitter: @ferncormier

Survey results
Lynne Reynolds

Ward 11

Telephone: 705-524-8160
Email: lynne.reynolds@greatersudbury.ca
Website: lynnereynolds.ca
Facebook: lynne.reynolds.963
Twitter: @lynnereynolds09

Survey results
Joscelyne Landry-Altmann (Incumbent)

Ward 12

Telephone: 705-674-1212
E-mail: joscelyne.landry-altmann@greatersudbury.ca
Website: www.landry-altmann.ca

Survey results

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SustainableTransportationSustainable Transportation
WaterWater Quality
NaturalEnvironmentNatural Environment
LocalFoodLocal Food
CitizenEngagementCitizen Engagement
CitizenEngagementClimate Change

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