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Candidate Name Bob Johnston
Ward Ward 1
Candidate Info

Phone: 705-918-9215
Email: kitchencruizin@gmail.com
Website: bobjohnstonward1.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bob.johnston.7798574
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Survey Responses

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Platform Statements

Climate Change
No information provided or found.

Community Engagement
No information provided or found.

Environment and Water
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No information provided or found.

Sustainable Transportation
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Quality of Life : “More family events.”  “Seniors and children won’t be left out.”

Social equity: “Concerned regarding wellness of our low income families/disabled, youth and life outcome, healthcare and safety of seniors.”

Kingsway Entertainment District and Arena : “Concerned regarding arena location.”

Other: “Concerned regarding survival of local small businesses.”

From http://bobjohnstonward1.com, checked August 8, 2018