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Candidate Name Bill Leduc
Ward Ward 11
Candidate Info

Phone: 249-878-5808
Email: billyleduc@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.billleduc.ca/
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Survey Responses

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Platform Statements

Climate Change
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Community Engagement
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Environment and Water

“Beautify our neighborhood by cleaning up Junction Creek.”

From http://www.billleduc.ca/, checked October 12, 2018.

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Sustainable Transportation

“Control traffic throughout the Ward – add stops and speed bumps where necessary.” “Improve safety by adding a crosswalk for seniors at the Westmount Retirement Home”

From http://www.billleduc.ca/, checked October 12, 2018.


Quality of life: “Install benches on Rotary Trail, add new equipment at Downland Park and Gemmell Playground.”

Social equity : “Develop affordable housing for our seniors and future generations of Sudburians.” “What this means for our City is revenue (from KED) that can be reinvested into our community, with some focus on our aging population. We will be able to tackle the current crisis facing Sudbury with respect to affordable housing, long term care facilities – all while minimizing the tax burden on citizens. We can sustain long-term economic growth.”

Downtown: “Revitalize our downtown core to better reflect our warm, welcoming community.”“With all the hype surrounding the Kingsway development project, we can not forget about revitalizing our beautiful downtown core. Revenue from the new developments can also be used to support our downtown.”

Kingsway Entertainment District and Arena: “The Kingsway Casino and Event Centre allows us, as a community, to participate in recreational activities as a family; there will be something there for everyone to enjoy.” “When we think in terms of the revenue and long term economic growth the Kingsway Casino Event Centre is estimated to generate, that amounts to something in excess of 80 million dollars annually.”

Other: “Attract a grocery store operation for Ward 11 Minnow Lake residents”

From http://www.billleduc.ca/bills-blog/an-introduction and http://www.billleduc.ca/  checked October 12, 2018.