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Brian Bigger

“ administration will act to adopt the principles of Open Data and Open Government. … It’s a major shift in the culture of the city, a shift that is overdue. It will result in real cost savings for the city, highly improved citizen service, better citizen engagement and is fast becoming a prerequisite for tech companies. Open Data and Open Government allow Citizens, Businesses, City Employees, Managers and Council to work together in ways previously not possible.
Open data is simply taking the information the city currently produces and making it freely available online in a way web and app developers can access”

From, last checked Sept. 18, 2014

“Vision 2025 – A Ten Year Look Ahead for Greater Sudbury. Vision 2025 will involve all citizens, interest groups, community organizations and businesses coming together to share their ideas about the future of our City. The Vision 2025, will be a conference focused on gathering information and input from the people of Sudbury.

The people of Sudbury will have a real and meaningful role in this process. It will include submissions and presentations from:
-The non-profit sector
-Volunteer groups
-Industrial, commercial and business sectors of this City
-Other interest groups

This initiative will be held in the first year of Brian Bigger becoming elected as Mayor”

From Oct. 2, 2014 Press Release 

Mark Signoretti
Ward 1

Michael Vagnini
Ward 2

Gerry Germain Montpellier
Ward 3

"Gerry pledges to:
- Help Support and Promote Community Events"

from, last checked August 14, 2014

Evelyn Dutrisac
Ward 4

Robert Kirwan
Ward 5

"One of the best ways for a Councillor to remain connected with the community is through the promotion and development of one or two strong Community Action Network committees. Ward 5 should have one for the Valley East part of the Ward and another for the Sudbury portion. Both should be active and must count on the support and assistance of their Councillor. One of my first priorities if I am elected is to meet with the existing CANS and find out what I can do to help them become stronger than ever.

When candidates say that they intend to keep in touch with their constituents, it is necessary to identify a particular strategy. For me there are a number of very specific initiatives that I intend to pursue.

  1. I will make sure that we have two strong Community Action Networks in operation. One for Valley East and the other for the Sudbury section of Ward 5.
  2. I will make every attempt to revise the Neighbourhood Playground Associations in Ward 5. That means I will help organize public meetings in each playground catchment area in order to see if we can find volunteers willing to act as the driving force behind these associations. I will also utilize the Playground Associations to obtain feedback about what is needed in order to improve the local neighbourhoods.
  3. I will hold regular Town Hall meetings at local schools or the public library and invite residents to come out to discuss specific topics of concern. My plan is to hold at least one of these town hall meetings every three months.
  4. I will continue communicate with the residents of Ward 5 through Facebook and the internet. People will always be able to get hold of me.
  5. I will continue to host a weekly radio show at Laurentian University and invite people to call in with their concerns and opinions. These Radio Shows will include special guests who will be able ot shed light on some of the underlying principles behind the issues facing City Council. The Radio Shows will be video taped and archived so that people can access them on demand.
  6. I will use You Tube to produce short informational video explanations for my constituents similar to what I have done with the issues on this web site"

from, last checked July 10, 2014

René Lapierre
Ward 6

Mike Jakubo
Ward 7

Al Sizer
Ward 8

“promote more community engagement and rapport through Community Action Networks and Town Hall Meetings”

“ensure all decisions are arrived at in an open and transparent process for all taxpayers to review”

From, last checked Sept. 13, 2014

Deb McIntosh
Ward 9

Fern Cormier
Ward 10

"Fern believes that Ward 10 needs...

Transparent, open government where any and all information that can be made available should be easily accessible by the public.

Clear, accountable and transparent decision-making when it comes to spending your hard earned tax dollars."

From!platform/c5ro, last checked July 10, 2014

“would like to improve our community engagement and planning process

we need to involve the neighborhood, the stakeholders, end users and the broader community at the very earliest stages of the plans.”

By building the process with an open dialogue approach we can address the needs of the community at the earliest stages. By doing this things like cycle and pedestrian friendly components can be included and designed with the end user in mind from the beginning. We would also be able to properly address and include environmental protection components, which should be standard to begin with”

From!issue-statements/c2h5, last checked October 17, 2014

Lynne Reynolds
Ward 11

- issued statement opposing new security measures at City Hall. An excerpt: “Why does he want to create “barriers between citizens and staff”? Shouldn’t we be doing the exact opposite? Isn’t this one of the big problems we already have at City Hall?”

from, last checked July 10, 2014
- “Immediate elimination of the Councillors’ slush funds”
- “A permanent Auditor- General office to spot waste and inefficiencies” “Bring back the free services of the Ontario Ombudsman’s Office”
- ““no-excuse” accountability by everyone at City Hall, including me!” “no more behind-the-doors decision-making”

from, last checked July 10, 2014
- “SERVICE STANDARDS: standards for excellence in all we do”
- COMMUNITY BUILDING for children, seniors, the homeless and the disenfranchised"

from, last checked July 10, 2014

"Here is my record of accomplishments as your former Councillor when it comes to being ‘good and green’:

Held many citizen consultation meetings for new developments, infrastructure projects.

From, last checked October 16, 2014

Joscelyne Landry-Altmann
Ward 12

“-Has established 3 Citizen Committees, CANS -Community Action Networks in Ward 12 addressing neighborhood concerns, initiating projects like the Daffodils of Hope Campaign, and attending meetings

- Enabling community consultation and dialogue - Giving residents a voice in their neighborhood's future development through community consultations”

From, last checked Sept. 5, 2014

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