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Candidate nameCitizen Engagement
Jean-Raymond Audet
Brian Bigger

“ administration will act to adopt the principles of Open Data and Open Government. … It’s a major shift in the culture of the city, a shift that is overdue. It will result in real cost savings for the city, highly improved citizen service, better citizen engagement and is fast becoming a prerequisite for tech companies. Open Data and Open Government allow Citizens, Businesses, City Employees, Managers and Council to work together in ways previously not possible.
Open data is simply taking the information the city currently produces and making it freely available online in a way web and app developers can access”

From, last checked Sept. 18, 2014

“Vision 2025 – A Ten Year Look Ahead for Greater Sudbury. Vision 2025 will involve all citizens, interest groups, community organizations and businesses coming together to share their ideas about the future of our City. The Vision 2025, will be a conference focused on gathering information and input from the people of Sudbury.

The people of Sudbury will have a real and meaningful role in this process. It will include submissions and presentations from:
-The non-profit sector
-Volunteer groups
-Industrial, commercial and business sectors of this City
-Other interest groups

This initiative will be held in the first year of Brian Bigger becoming elected as Mayor”

From Oct. 2, 2014 Press Release 

Jeanne Brohart
Ron Dupuis

"A City Hall more responsive to its citizens
A Mayor and council more accessible to residents
A strategic plan developed through community consultations
Open the doors to City Hall!"

from, last checked July 10, 2014

Jeff Huska

"The City of Greater Sudbury needs to implement municipal politics into the school system. As your Mayor I would create a Junior City Council made up of high school students throughout the city. It's imperative that we initiate a program that will teach students about municipal politics and why it's important to have a voice in your local community."

from, last checked July 8, 2014

"As your Mayor, I will establish and attend open community forums, held regularly throughout each ward, with residents and their Councillors. This will enable me to become more effective; addressing unique challenges from each ward. By working alongside Councillors, we will be a stronger team, meeting the needs of each ward – leading to the success and growth of our City through:

  • Attending Community Action Network meetings throughout our City
  • Re-establishing business hours at City Hall; enabling you the taxpayer better access to departments and programs."

from, last checked July 10, 2014


Richard Majkot

"I will create a "Customer Service Standard" for all employees to ensure that City Hall is accountable and transparent to taxpayers."

"Greater Sudbury has a body of people who are successful in business and in creative fields.  I intend to utilize their knowledge and skills to build a Greater Sudbury that is prosperous and productive.  City Hall can do some of it, but it can do much more by engaging the experience of private sector and non-governmental leaders in a conversation regarding change for good"

from, last checked July 26, 2014



Dan Melanson

"I want to implement a committee which a citizen or corporation with issues regarding city services can formally express their complaints. The committee would be made up of volunteer citizens appointed by the Mayor for the term of the sitting Council. 

The commission would review the complaint and make an initial determination if the complaint has merit or not, and if it does have merit, initiate a preliminary investigation. If the complaint is without merit the committee will provide to the complaintant a letter outlining the reasons for not proceeding to a formal investigation. If the complaint is investigated, the committee will have 30 days to complete the investigation and report to Council the facts of the complaint and the findings with recommendations for Council to consider. Council will decide if the recommendations of the committee are to be implemented or not, and if the decision is too implement, then direction will be given to the CAO who will instruct the appropriate manager. The manager will have 30 days to implement the council's decision."

from, last checked July 10, 2014

"As Mayor, I will be committed to open, ethical, accountable and transparent local government."
"Within the first few months of my mandate, I will present the idea of a whistle blower policy"

from, last checked July 10, 2014

“As Mayor, Melanson will engage citizens to share their experience on how City Hall can do a better job to ensure that Greater Sudbury remains clean and green.”

From, last checked Sept. 11, 2014

Ed Pokonzie

With an enhanced public transit system each community from Levack to Wanup and Wanipitae to Worthington should have a transit station where each could be expanded to include
-a municipal walk-in clinic
-a library branch
-community office of city services etc.

Hand written platform provided by candidate.

David Popescu
John Rodriguez

“committed to supporting the work of local environmental groups such as the Coalition for a Livable Sudbury, Eat Local, and the many lake stewardship committees”

From Oct. 2, 2014 Press Release

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