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Matt Alexander

"Ward 1 Newsletter
Delivered to your door or email, I’ll keep you informed about city business, neighbourhood events, my meeting schedule and voting record.

5-Day Notice of Agenda Items
Meeting agendas should be released on Wednesday so you have time to form an opinion and respond.

Development Notice boards
You need to know what’s proposed on your street before it goes to council so you can tell me what you think.

Lobbyist Registry
Lobbyist registries in Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton help prevent backroom deals, something Sudbury has been concerned about for years.

A Meaningful Breakdown of Our Taxes
Broad categories like "Road construction and maintenance" and "Leisure, Libraries and Museums" don’t tell the whole story. We need an easy, interactive online tool to help explain the city budget.

Accountability isn’t a slogan to me, it’s the result of keeping the community involved in decisions.

Collaborative Planning and Development
New roads projects, subdivisions and city programs need to meet performance standards we set as a community.

Councillor Office Hours
You’ll know where to find me on a regular basis so we can talk about upcoming items at council, concerns about the neighbourhood or new initiatives you’d like to see.

Participatory Budgeting
I’ll hand over control of the Healthy Communities Initiative Fund to residents. An open process of proposals and community-wide voting will decide how money is spent. I’ll propose this system replace the “slush funds” city-wide at the first opportunity.

Review of Citizen Advisory Panels and Committees of Council
You’ve told me you’re unsatisfied with the input you have in decisions at city hall. I’ll push to make our Citizen Advisory Panels and Committees of Council more effective.

Turning NIMBY to YIMBY
We need development that can get enthusiastic support in established neighbourhoods so home-owners will say “Yes, In My Backyard”."

From, last checked Sept. 22, 2014.

Re HCI funds:  “Public funds should benefit the public and how that money is spent locally should be determined directly by the public. In cities across the globe residents are involved in setting the spending priorities for their neighbourhoods through the process of participatory budgeting. This is a practice I intend to bring to Ward 1 as councillor. …  As a result of participatory budgeting, residents are better informed about how their money is spent; they are involved in the decision-making process from the very beginning; and they have a direct influence on how their tax dollars are spent in their neighbourhoods..”

From, last checked August 12, 2014

Denis Ferron
Mathieu Labonté
Sidney Shapiro
Mark Signoretti
Paul Soucie

“create a two-way constructive dialogue between Ward One constituents and City Hall

respond to constituents needs in a timely manner”

From!platform/c1flq, last checked Sept. 13, 2014 

Chris Spry
Thomas Trainor
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