Citizen Engagement

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Candidate nameCitizen Engagement
Jacques Barbeau (Incumbent)
Chad Odnokon

"My campaign is dedicated to bringing growth and prosperity to Sudbury. Through community involvement and creative collaboration, I am looking to pursue a future for Sudbury that delivers change, builds culture, and pushes progress for our city."

"I believe in community and collaboration. Together, we can make Ward 2 and the City of Greater Sudbury a strong, vibrant, and progressive community. I want to see Sudbury thrive and flourish. I want to work towards building a future for Sudbury that will benefit us all."

From, last checked July 8, 2014

Joseph Palmateer
Michael Vagnini
Dan Xilon

“I believe that “my personal opinion” should not enter the equation on any vote in Council, by any Councillor. It is the duty of Councillors to represent the wants and needs of their constituents and give them a voice at City Hall. Councillors must be prepared to work with all parties involved to achieve as many of these items as possible.”
“I am prepared to hear what these ideas are and hope to present ideas that have a majority of constituents’ support behind them, on your behalf at the council table.”
“I intend to hold monthly “Ward Hall” meetings at rotating venues around the ward. These informal meetings will offer an opportunity for concerned members of the Ward 2 community to come together and share their views and concerns.”
“Also, once elected, I will convert this website into a place for you, the people of Ward 2, to voice your views about the specific issues and council votes which will arise throughout the next term.”
“The citizens of the Greater of Sudbury, regardless of Ward location, need to be heard to ensure the proper questions, plans and programs can be put into place that represent the needs of all citizens, rather than a few special interests.”

From, last checked Sept. 11, 2014

“One idea that I can promise I will implement for our Ward is a new management system for the Healthy Community Initiatives (HCI) Fund. When elected, I will bring in a participatory budgeting system for the HCI of Ward 2. In short, participatory budgeting means that you the people of Ward 2 will put forth and vote on your own proposals for projects that HCI funds could be used to support.”

From, last checked October 16, 2014

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