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Joseph Berthelot
Robert Kirwan

"One of the best ways for a Councillor to remain connected with the community is through the promotion and development of one or two strong Community Action Network committees. Ward 5 should have one for the Valley East part of the Ward and another for the Sudbury portion. Both should be active and must count on the support and assistance of their Councillor. One of my first priorities if I am elected is to meet with the existing CANS and find out what I can do to help them become stronger than ever.

When candidates say that they intend to keep in touch with their constituents, it is necessary to identify a particular strategy. For me there are a number of very specific initiatives that I intend to pursue.

  1. I will make sure that we have two strong Community Action Networks in operation. One for Valley East and the other for the Sudbury section of Ward 5.
  2. I will make every attempt to revise the Neighbourhood Playground Associations in Ward 5. That means I will help organize public meetings in each playground catchment area in order to see if we can find volunteers willing to act as the driving force behind these associations. I will also utilize the Playground Associations to obtain feedback about what is needed in order to improve the local neighbourhoods.
  3. I will hold regular Town Hall meetings at local schools or the public library and invite residents to come out to discuss specific topics of concern. My plan is to hold at least one of these town hall meetings every three months.
  4. I will continue communicate with the residents of Ward 5 through Facebook and the internet. People will always be able to get hold of me.
  5. I will continue to host a weekly radio show at Laurentian University and invite people to call in with their concerns and opinions. These Radio Shows will include special guests who will be able ot shed light on some of the underlying principles behind the issues facing City Council. The Radio Shows will be video taped and archived so that people can access them on demand.
  6. I will use You Tube to produce short informational video explanations for my constituents similar to what I have done with the issues on this web site"

from, last checked July 10, 2014

Richard Larcher
John Lundrigan

Citizen Engagement
"As a councillor I must be accountable to the citizen. People need to know their councillor is listening to them, and will report back to them. For decisions where public input should be noted I will hold a Town Hall meeting. My door will always be open and my mind will always be open to positive change. If elected I’m not going to Toronto or Ottawa, I will always be easily accessible, and I will welcome any and all input.

I will work to encourage respectful discourse between municipal staff and citizens.

I will work to better and more timely public consultation for development projects.

I will work towards better the advance posting of council and committee agendas online.

I commit to the use of social media for citizen engagement and issues of local importance.

I commit to work with Valley East citizen groups and associations towards a more livable city."

from Aug. 5, 2014

"When there are major issues at city hall, I will request your input, whether by calling people or holding a ward meeting. I will make myself available to you."

From ,last checked July 9, 2014

Kent MacNeill
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