Citizen Engagement

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Robin Auger

"First and foremost we must ensure our city website is very user friendly and includes search functions so those who visit it can find what they are looking for easily. The website should also have all the steps needed to get any kind of permit or license needed on it and include printable documents to aid in things getting done in our city. Next a clearly transparent council who do not hide behind procedure or rhetoric will surely grow faith and interest in our council again. We must have an amalgamated council for an amalgamated city which means we must act as one to grow the city and when we demonstrate we can act together in a positive direction that positivity will spread to the people in the city. We should also open city services later at least once a week to meet the needs of those who use the services as well we should advertise the types of services we provide on our buses and at all of our city run buildings. Mostly as councillors we have to get out there, listen and ask questions. We should not be ashamed to admit we do not have all the answers and that we need to seek the advice of those who are experts to aid us in making informed decisions. We have to seek out new and improved relationships with businesses and educational institutions in the city to understand how we can help them to ensure their continued success within the city."

From, last checked Sept. 2, 2014

Gordon Drysdale
Mike Jakubo
Dave Kilgour (Incumbent)
Walter Prus
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