Climate Change Survey Questions Summary

Candidate name What actions should the municipality take to reduce carbon emissions and improve community resilience in the face of climate change?

Jean-Raymond Audet

Try to convert our Bus Transit System to Natural Gas or Hydro, also to see if the Community of Sudbury could take an Active Stance Against Harper " ALL IN ON THE TAR SANDS"

Brian Bigger

Jeanne Brohart

I would challenge you to view the following three links on this one. There was a conference in New Mexico in April 2014… called “EU2014” and what was disclosed there has the potential to COMPLETELY change how we view “climate change issues” given the fact that Kirchoff’s Law appears to be invalid… would change how we view matters of “thermal physics” in many, many, many issues… including climate change.

If I am aware of this conference, it is because my brother was one of the key presenters at this very critical information session which included many top scientists from around the world. My brother is a world renowned EXPERT in imaging and the analysis of images (i.e., thermal physics behind the images we see and the assumptions, methods used to provide the “final” image to the public)

So… here you go… the cutting edge information now being discussed worldwide in the scientific community in matters of “global warming”, etc. This stuff has the potential to change astrophysics as we have known it for the past 150 years… I would encourage you to pay special attention to the presentation in which he discusses “scrubbed images” that are produced for the public… I think it will leave you speechless! :o)

He also touches VERY briefly on the CO2 chart… EXTREMELY briefly… but… look at that chart… and then ask yourself if CO2 can be the true reason behind global warming… :o) :o)

It is a known fact in the scientific community that the earth goes through hot/cold cycles… though perhaps not well published???? I think all of this will help you understand why so many in science are so divided on the whole issue of “global warming”.

Ron Dupuis

I would consult with our community experts to establish policies and guidelines in regards to climate change. This is a very large issue to discuss and as a city we have been internationally recognized environmental leaders for land reclamation for decades and we need to continue this momentum moving forward with our environmental policies.

Jeff Huska

Work with companies to insure targets are being met on a timely manner. Push for the completion of Vale's Clean Air Project.

Richard Majkot

Dan Melanson

I suggest the building of traffic round-a-bouts when and where space and planning exists. This has proven to be an effective means to reduce carbon emissions.

Ed Pokonzie

There cannot be a short answer. It took centuries to arrive where we are in human development; but, we are compelled to start the process.

David Popescu

John Rodriguez

a) Enact an anti-idling bylaw;
b) Replace its public gasoline vehicles with hybrid and electric;
c) By incorporating climate change policies into The Official Plan (ie: tree planting, green buildings, and energy efficiency incentives;

d) Encourage infilling of existing properties and buildings.

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