Climate Change Survey Questions Summary

Candidate name What actions should the municipality take to reduce carbon emissions and improve community resilience in the face of climate change?

Matt Alexander

Implement a transit ridership growth strategy; protect wetlands and floodplains from development that will likely be affected by increased major storm events; support 30-year infrastructure planning and neighbourhood emergency preparedness plans for areas most susceptible to climate-related disasters.

Denis Ferron

We should encourage citizens to shut off their vehicles and not idle, look at drive-thru restaurants and see if there is a way to reduce wait times, reprogram stop lights at night in non-busy traffic areas to be 4 way stops to keep traffic flowing when volume is down. Consultation with experts in this field and to educate the public on good environmental practices.

Mathieu Labonté

The city should make every effort to include more energy efficient means into its day to day operations, as well as municipal infrastructure. As someone who worked with his dad to install a solar water heater on our roof, and maintain our rain water sprinkler system, I know that being less wasteful isn't just possible, but it saves money, and implementing more energy saving and water saving measures into city operations would pay big dividends.

Sidney Shapiro

We have a lot of challenges in the north with the amount of energy we use to stay warm and get around. This challenge is greater than many other communities in the south of the province. I would hope to work with citizens and government alike to develop strategies that would work for us here, and have a meaningful impact on our environmental footprint.

Mark Signoretti

I feel that the municipality should provide more education so the community is aware of the impact and adopt measures internally to set as examples to the community.

Paul Soucie

We should be insuring that we take all possible action to insure the reduction of carbon emissions

Chris Spry

Encourage and enhance public transportation. More bike lanes – make the city walkable, rideable and possible to enjoy without having to drive. Why no solar projects or programs at municipal properties? Where is the innovation? We need more ideas and need to champion more unique types of energy saving techniques.

Thomas Trainor

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