Climate Change Survey Questions Summary

Candidate name What actions should the municipality take to reduce carbon emissions and improve community resilience in the face of climate change?

Jacques Barbeau (Incumbent)

The city and council and have been very active in these efforts. The support of the many environmental groups including Lake Advisory panel, Lake Stewardships , Anti idling bylaws etc are proof of this commitment.

Chad Odnokon

Joseph Palmateer

I know that humanity has played a part in affecting climate change, and that it is very real. It is also important to know that the earth has gone through countless numbers of climate change cycles as the fossil records clearly show. I don't believe humanity can "STOP" climate change, though I do believe they can start it. I also believe Humanity can stop doing things which can contribute to it. Which is the excessive polluting of the environment.
To this I say again... fix the roads right, to cut down on road construction and therefore limit idling vehicle emissions.

Michael Vagnini

Dan Xilon

I am unsure, however I believe that for budgetary reasons if nothing else the Greater City of Sudbury should strive to be as “green” and energy efficient as possible and should look into ways to improve our standing in those areas.

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