Climate Change Survey Questions Summary

Candidate name What actions should the municipality take to reduce carbon emissions and improve community resilience in the face of climate change?

Joseph Berthelot

I want change but I need more info on how to proceed, I don't want to spend enormous amount of taxpayers money if we start running without a positive direction.

Robert Kirwan

I feel that we need to listen to the advice that we receive from the science experts who have the experience and knowledge to guide us in our deliberations. We should be putting in place policies and initiatives that will address the long-term goals and requirements with respect to climate change.

Richard Larcher

John Lundrigan

I am committed to the plan of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as much as possible. I will work to promote energy efficiency and conservation in all municipal buildings and infrastructure.

Kent MacNeill

Education is key here. The city should consult the experts, such as local university faculty and researchers, and develop a policy for educating the public and lead by example.

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