Climate Change Survey Questions Summary

Candidate name What actions should the municipality take to reduce carbon emissions and improve community resilience in the face of climate change?

Fernand Bidal

Encourage carpooling when possible and better bus schedualing.

Kevin Brault

Better transit (including bike and pedestrian infrastructure), but also city purchasing. The city does a better job than the province already, very few of our vehicles intended for one occupant use (supervisor vehicles etc.) are SUVs. Small, efficient vehicles as well as using transit when possible is more than sufficient for a supervisor carrying nothing bigger than a clipboard or briefcase and we need to expand on this. Looking for more fuel efficient large vehicles is important too; that would safe money as well as carbon. The City should provide development fee reductions for large scale green building projects as a building's construction is as, if not more, important than the heating and cooling equipment. Think green, act green.

René Lapierre

I believe that better enforcement of the anti-idle policy would be a great start, especially with city owned vehicles. They city could purchase more hybrid style vehicle to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel economy. As a major employer the City should attempt to accommodate personnel scheduling to encourage carpooling to and from work. 2 to 4 people taking 1 vehicle would make a big difference.

André Rivest (Incumbent)

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