Climate Change Survey Questions Summary

Candidate name What actions should the municipality take to reduce carbon emissions and improve community resilience in the face of climate change?

Robin Auger

See answer to sustainable transportation number 2 because if we can encourage more citizens to use public transportation as well as plow our area better to allow for foot traffic to easily manouver throughout the City this will reduce emissions. We must also include in any future development non-motorize transportation lanes or accessibility.

Gordon Drysdale

Mike Jakubo

Unfortunately the bulk of responsibility lies with higher levels of governments but what the City must do is work to educate our residents of the harms and causes of climate change and start this education at the school level. Our youth is our future and if we arm them with the recognized knowledge that is the best way to secure our future.

Dave Kilgour (Incumbent)

I am currently sitting on a new committee which is tasked to develop a Community Energy Plan. This plan is very ambitious and is working with several agencies, ministries and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to work towards Sudbury having a goal of Net Zero need for energy from outside our boundaries and extensive moves towards Net metering for our households. The efficiencies resulting from heading in this direction could bring Sudbury accolades similar to those we have achieve through our regreening program.

Walter Prus

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