Local Food

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Candidate nameFood Platform Statement
Jacques Barbeau (Incumbent)
Chad Odnokon

"I believe in promoting healthy, active lifestyles for the whole community. As your city councillor for ward 2, I would focus on the creation of green spaces, investments in cycling infrastructure, pedestrian walkways, nature trails, and investments in local food production in order to help make Sudbury a healthier community."

"What may not be as well known is the fact that Sudbury is home to many local food producers as well. We have the potential to become a strong local food provider for the community. We need to encourage the development of farmlands and green houses around the city so that we can increase local food production. Locally grown produce is the most sustainable and the healthiest for everyone."

From http://chadodnokon.com, last checked July 8, 2014

Joseph Palmateer
Michael Vagnini
Dan Xilon
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