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Joseph Berthelot
Robert Kirwan

“I am involved in the development of a new Fall Festival that highlights the historical roots of farming in Valley East. We hope to initiate a local farmers’ market and encourage residents to purchase produce that is harvested locally. When I am elected I intend to do whatever we can to set up a Valley East Farmers Market for the outlying areas.

While many think that Sudbury is a mining community, the truth is that much of our early success was due to the rich farmland that we have in this area. We can stimulate and develop our rural communities by purchasing their produce, their eggs, milk, meat, poultry, etc. This not only helps the farmer, but also provides good jobs for some of our residents. It is money that stays in the community and is reinvested in the Greater Sudbury Area, not funnelled to other cities.

The next four years will be a time for us to divert more resources to the local farming sector in order to help them thrive for the sake of our overall community health and wellness.”

from http://www.valleyeasttoday.ca/Election%202014/Issues/LocalFood.html, last checked July 31, 2014

Richard Larcher
John Lundrigan

Local Food
"Using local farmers markets and supporting local grower’s helps us re-connect to where out food comes from. Local food is not necessarily convenient however it is environmentally friendly and safe. Buying fresh local food helps employ our neighbours and friends and supports Valley East agriculture. I believe encouraging people to buy local will take time, but with a good advertising campaign and public consultation with growers and market goers we can increase local sales. Good things may grow in Ontario, but great things grow in Sudbury.

As a city we can support and expand the Good Food Basket initiative.

We can work to protect our food-producing agricultural lands.

We could develop a website to promote local business and restaurants which provide in season and local food products."

from http://johnlundrigan.ca/hot-topic-issues/ Aug. 5, 2014

Kent MacNeill
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