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Robin Auger

"After visiting our farmers market on more than one occasion it is apparent the current location is not ideal to meet their needs nor is it ideal for patrons of the market. We have to rethink our farmers market and work with local growers to make it an integral part of our city and sustainable living strategy. Eat local has to be a focus as developing a strong local food producing industry will mean more affordable healthy food options for our citizens. After speaking with a local producer of wines and doing some research on my own, I think we should look into the "My Picks" certification by the Farmers Markets of Ontario as it is something that will aid the growth of our market. Here is a little piece of what "My Picks" is about and was taken from the www.farmersmarketsontario.com website. "MyPick® identifies the true heroes of Ontario's farmers' markets. The MyPick® verification program grew out of a real need. Shoppers at Ontario farmers' markets often thought they were buying directly from local farmers when in fact they were buying from resellers. They had no way of knowing which vendors were which. Now they do, thanks to the MyPick® verification program from Farmers' Markets Ontario®. Now, when you see a vendor displaying a MyPick® sign, you can be sure you're getting just–picked freshness from the grower's own farm, and are helping support local agriculture"."

From https://www.facebook.com/voterobinauger, last checked Sept. 2, 2014

Gordon Drysdale
Mike Jakubo

“Eating locally grown produce and meats benefits the City in many ways from the farmer who has better sales and can afford to increase their crops or herd, to the consumer who gets the freshest food possible, not food that has sat on a transport for a week before hitting the shelves, and anyone who does eat local will tell you that it simply tastes better!  Greater Sudbury has many farmers, some of whom supply area restaurants, some of whom supply area farmers markets and some of whom grow enough to feed them and their next door neighbours with enough cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini to last the summer.  Some of these farmers have even garnered the rare label of certified organic, like Ward 7 and Garson's own McGrow's Farms and Gardens down Goodwill Road.  Mike Jakubo supports our local farmers and encourages Greater Sudburians to do the same and will encourage more local community gardens like the one located on Ste. Anne Road.  Projects like these are low cost and promote a great community environment.

If you can't easily get out to a local farm, Farmer's markets are also a great means of supporting local farmers and the City provides much annual funding to one such market located down town while other local farmers flock to the Anderson Farm farmers market each Wednesday. Local farmers that do frequent these markets should be commended, but often, with the down town market, large trucks are brought up from Southern Ontario, and the food is not in fact local and some local farmers feel squeezed out of the market.  In addition, the publicly funded market's current location gives the impression of being "make shift" and such a cause deserves a better location whether it be finally in the old train station downtown or in a new arena complex such as that which is located in Kitchener.  Mike supports a real home for our farmers' market as it will bring local farmers and Greater Sudburians closer together and show that our City truly values eating local.”

From http://www.mikejakubo.ca/sustainability.html, last checked Sept. 13, 2014

Dave Kilgour (Incumbent)
Walter Prus
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