Natural Environment

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Candidate nameEnvironment Platform Statement
John Antonioni

“Expand hiking trails, parks and bike paths throughout the city”

“Continued focus on working with corporate partners to improve air quality in Sudbury”

From, last checked Aug. 30, 2014

Fern Cormier
Hannu Piironen

"Encourage infilling and densification to prevent urban sprawl. Continue to acquire more green spaces, especially along creeks and trails. Insist on full environmental assessment when planning new roads and other developments."

From flyer (pdf provided by candidate)

Steve Ripley

"By maintaining involvement with the city and community groups, that are committed to improving and protecting our Bell Park, I will ensure its beauty and sustainability for many years to come."

Encourage economic growth with the promotion of Eco-tourism in Greater Sudbury, especially in and around our Ramsey lake wild areas.

Ensure an increased re-greening effort by local mining companies to include increased summer student job creation and continued beautification and health of our local Eco-systems.

from, last checked July 26, 2014

Mila Wong
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