Natural Environment

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Candidate nameEnvironment Platform Statement
Matt Belanger
Jesse Gaudet

“Sudbury has so many majestic lakes and rivers.  That is why, if elected, I will strive to protect the numerous waterways and their ecosystems, the forests and ensuring that we are working to protect the environment we live in.”

“From walking trails, to parks and recreation, green spaces help our community stay active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  To ensure we maintain these green spaces however requires us to ensure they are maintained - something that has not been the case.  That is why I will fight to increase funding for re-greening efforts throughout our ward - the bring greener, cleaner communities.

- Ensuring ward 3 has sufficient green spaces for a healthy living
- revitalizing current green spaces to make our ward green, beautiful and clean.
-Creating safe, fun environments for children to foster a healthy lifestyle, such as a splash pad and/or skate park.

Minimizing the harms of development on our environment”

From, last checked October 17, 2014.

Gerry Germain Montpellier

"Gerry pledges to:
- Work with the Fish & Game Associations to help preserve our lakes and wilderness"

from, last checked August 14, 2014

Marcel Montpellier
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