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Joseph Berthelot
Robert Kirwan

“ I have been working with local groups and organizations to generate more use of the major walking trails and parks in the Valley East area and hope to convince fellow Councillors that the development of walking trails and parkland will benefit our region so much in the coming years. Just generating increased awareness among members of the walking trails that are available to them will stimulate people into using these wonderful parts of our city. There are several potential areas in the Sudbury portion of Ward 5 where new multi-use trails could easily be created with little financial investment. This will be a cultural shift for a large segment of the population which is accustomed to spending a lot of their recreational time inside. We need to get people using our outdoor facilities so that they become more connected with nature and it becomes that much easier to protect our natural environment. When people value something, they are more likely to take care of it on their own.

I intend to partner with local schools to see if we can develop a relationship that fosters young children and teens becoming actively involved in caring for our trails and parkland. This can be simply a way of keeping the trails clean in return for volunteer hours, but it will be done in a way that hopefully creates a life-long love of nature among our youth and a desire to protect the environment for their future.”

from, last checked July 31, 2014

Richard Larcher
John Lundrigan

Natural Environment
"As a city we need to practice conservation and good wild life management. We need to protect our lakes, rivers and wetlands for future generations. We must also continue to work with local mining firms and business on the re-greening effort.

We must be cautious of future city growth in these areas. A wetland view might be good for new development, however the bigger picture must be looked at. It might not be good for the environment or the future long term health of the area.

I will commit to the development of a natural heritage system approach for the city’s wild areas through the city’s Official Plan, in order to better protect natural areas and wildlife habitat.

I will lobby the provincial government to extent the Chiniguchi Waterway provincial park to encompass the old growth red pine forests around Wolf Lake.

I will commit to ending the costly practice of allowing development in floodplains.

We should encourage natural buffers between development and water frontages."

from Aug. 5, 2014

Kent MacNeill
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