Natural Environment

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Robin Auger

"We here in Greater Sudbury have some of the nicest natural spaces, especially in the outlying areas. It is important in my mind to encourage our younger citizens and find ways to get them out to experience nature how its meant to be. As a council it can be a part of our mandate to help in findings ways to get children and young adults interested in our natural areas which can include developing interactive programs at some natural areas such as Ramsey Lake or Lake Laurentian."

From, last checked Sept. 2, 2014

Gordon Drysdale
Mike Jakubo

"Our ward's playgrounds, arenas, walking trails, outdoor rinks, soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts, skate parks and other like venues should be bright, well kept areas where all ages of children, parents and seniors can go to remain healthy and active and spend time with friends and family.   Unfortunately, these facilities are old and in need of proper maintenance or renewal…. Mike will also work to ensure that these facilities are accessible to all residents so that children don't have to cross busy roads to access an outdoor rink, that we use our ward's natural settings for walking trails and that playgrounds offer children of all ages and abilities an equal opportunity for fun and enjoyment.”

From, last checked August 30, 2014

Dave Kilgour (Incumbent)
Walter Prus
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