Natural Environment

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Michael Cullen

"Over the next few weeks and months one of my top priorities if to take inventory of all green spaces within Ward 8, with the intention of promoting and hopefully enhancing each designated space for the greater good. (This will be a top priority during my term as elected councillor)"

From Position Statement

Kerry Latham
Gerry Perras
Stefano Presenza

"New Sudbury has always been a clean, safe and healthy community filled with parks and organized sports, as well as a thriving business area.  My commitment is to keep this positive trend going, as efficiently as possible. "

"My priorities for Ward 8 include:  improvements and developments to playgrounds, including outdoor rinks, tennis courts and potential skate parks"

From, last checked August 12, 2014.

Al Sizer

“protection of passive and active greenspace in our community”

From, last checked Sept. 13, 2014

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