Natural Environment

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Aaron Beaudry
Lin Gibson

"Born and raised in Sudbury, I have witnessed from childhood the phenomenal influence of land reclamation and a positive shift in the attitudes of many residents towards our often misused landscape.  Having been a founding member of many lake and watershed stewardship groups and as Chair of Conservation Sudbury, I continue to provide a positive influence on making Greater Sudbury the environmental success story that it deserves and strives to improve upon.  I persist in promoting the protection of our precious environment today so that generations to follow will speak positively of those accomplishments."

From, last checked Sept. 3, 2014

Les Lisk
Wyman MacKinnon
Deb McIntosh
Paul Stopciati
Will Thomson

"Future economic growth is critical to Greater Sudbury’s success and environmental factors must always be given equal consideration in this development. The wise use of our forests, the protection of our many lakes, wildlife management, and the continued re-greening of our city are critical initiatives for all of us."

from!platform/c1ca7, last checked July 26, 2014

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