Sustainable Transportation

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Matt Alexander

"Safety First
Prioritize safety for all road users when we rebuild roads and approve new development.

Life-Cycle Infrastructure Costing
We can’t build new roads without a plan to pay for on-going maintenance. We need a new comprehensive approach to infrastructure.

The 8-80 Approach
Our streets should be safe and comfortable for everyone aged 8 to 80 years old.

Grow Transit Ridership
We can improve the cost-effectiveness of our transit system and reduce congestion by implementing strategies to encourage more people to ride the bus. What would it take for you to want to ride the bus?

Safer Cycling for Smoother Driving
More people will want to bike to work over the next four years. We need to improve cycling safety along the routes that will see the most new cyclists to ensure traffic keeps moving smoothly."

"Work and Shop Closer to Home
Facilitate development of walkable, attractive public spaces to encourage sustainable transportation."

"Improve Foot Traffic for Ward 1 Businesses
I’ll work with business-owners in the West End and along Regent to make these retail areas safer and more comfortable for pedestrians."

From, last checked Sept. 22, 2014

“It's in everyone's best interest to get more people on underused bus routes, even if you never ride it.

More riders: make our transit system more cost-effective; reduce the number of cars on our roads; and increases the safety of passengers and drivers (Assaults on crowded buses are much less likely than on mostly empty buses).

If I'm elected as councillor for Ward 1 my priority for transit will be to increase ridership.

I'll bring a motion to council directing staff to development of a ridership growth strategy with input from you. We'll establish annual targets based on long-term strategies and low-cost, easy-to-do quick wins.

We can make transit work in Sudbury, but we need a real strategy for attracting new riders. This will be my priority for transit over the next term of council.”

From, last checked Sept. 18, 2014

Denis Ferron
Mathieu Labonté
Sidney Shapiro
Mark Signoretti
Paul Soucie
Chris Spry
Thomas Trainor
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