Sustainable Transportation

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Candidate nameTransportation Platform Statement
John Antonioni

“Promote better safety by properly identifying and lighting crosswalks”

“Expand hiking trails, parks and bike paths throughout the city”

From, last checked Aug. 30, 2014

Fern Cormier

"Fern believes that Ward 10 needs...
The modernization of our transit information systems."

From!platform/c5ro, last checked July 10, 2014

“Sunday transit service in Greater Sudbury needs to improve

support free ridership for seniors in our community during off peak hours

would like to see a “park & ride” system up and running for runs that would bring people from areas such as Valley East to high volume destinations such as the Tax Data Center, the hospital and Laurentian University”

From!issue-statements/c2h5, last checked October 17, 2014

Hannu Piironen

"Improve Sudbury transit. Increase and link bike routes throughout the city. Make Sudbury a more walkable community."

From flyer (pdf provided by candidate)

Steve Ripley

"Investigate the introduction of flashing overhead crosswalk signs at high traffic, unregulated pedestrian crossings within the ward."

from, last checked July 10, 2014

Mila Wong
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