Sustainable Transportation

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Candidate nameTransportation Platform Statement
Tay Butt

“Better pedestrian access to main roads.”
“Well planned road development and maintenance”
“Sudbury Transit system to fix certain issues including route duplications and timings on weekend.”

from; last checked June 30, 2014

Joscelyne Landry-Altmann (Incumbent)

“-Continue to support sustainable transportation options:better pedestrian accesses,safe bicycle lanes,improved transit service including signage.

-Promote well planned road development in established neighborhoods  i.e.Maley/Montrose connector) and complete streets concept.

-Promote walkability,:co-authored : making Sudbury the most walkable city in Ontario by 2015.()-winter sidewalk maintenance enhancement /accessible sidewalks.

-Advocate for infrastructure upgrades across Ward 12 :accessible sidewalks,safe crosswalks,improved LED lighting,walking trails,street resurfacing,(Notre Dame, Lasalle, Kathleen,Redfern,King st,Lavoie…”

From, last checked Sept. 5, 2014

Robert McCarthy
Shawn Ouimet

“Introduce a plan for more Light Vehicle and City Transit Friendly Roads, which will Increase the ​Life expectancy of major and secondary roads, and ​save on ​repairs/construction, reduce traffic at  ​major intersections in Ward 12.”

“Advocate a New Bus terminal, where I will work diligently to ​incorporate ​​Greyhound and Northland in one facility, along with new ​weekly route schedules for Greater Sudbury Transit.”

“Increased street lighting at crosswalks and ​sidewalks throughout Ward 12”

From, last checked Sept. 18, 2014.

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