Sustainable Transportation

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Candidate nameTransportation Platform Statement
Jacques Barbeau (Incumbent)
Chad Odnokon

"I believe in promoting healthy, active lifestyles for the whole community. As your city councillor for ward 2, I would focus on the creation of green spaces, investments in cycling infrastructure, pedestrian walkways, nature trails, and investments in local food production in order to help make Sudbury a healthier community."

"In addition to ensuring we have high quality roads and highways, we also need high quality public transportation. Citizens in Sudbury should not have to settle for a sub-par transit system. This is especially true for citizens outside the main Sudbury area, such as the citizens of Ward 2 who do not fully benefit from our existing transit services. We also need ensure that citizens in this city can opt to cycle safely. Together, improved public transportation and cycling infrastructure can help reduce the number of cars on the roads, therefore reducing gridlock so citizens can get to where they need to go faster and more efficiently. As your city councilor for Ward 2, I would advocate for improved Sudbury transit services for all citizens as well as more cycling infrastructure."

From, last checked July 8, 2014

Joseph Palmateer
Michael Vagnini
Dan Xilon
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