Sustainable Transportation

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Joseph Berthelot
Robert Kirwan

“The next four years will be critical to the future of the City of Greater Sudbury for a number of reasons, but one of the areas that we need to be more focussed upon is with respect to the promotion of what is referred to as “active transportation” in all corners of the City and within all twelve wards. We are doing this now in Ward 5 and 6 in the Valley and Sudbury North, but it must become a City-Wide focus.

This is consistent with the recommendations made in the Leisure Master Plan, which I was excited to see and am looking forward to implementing. The survey results clearly point to a desire among the vast majority of our citizens for more to be done to promote activities like walking, hiking, cycling and other outdoor recreational pursuits that encourage a healthy lifestyle that is family focused and accessible to all residents, regardless of their age or ability. Many of the recommendations of the Leisure Master Plan are related to transportation so this means that as we revise our approach to both public and general transportation we need to be cognizant of including policies and infrastructure that will promote a healthier lifestyle.

This means that when City Council is approving new developments and roadways, we must take into consideration how we can create a system that is going to promote these types of activities and help people shift from motorized to non-motorized forms of transportation. It also means that we must find ways of expanding our public transit service in order to promote the use of alternative means of transportation for residents. We need to allow space for safe bicycle lanes and ensure that there is ample and secure bicycle parking throughout our city. We have a lot of green space and wonderful streams located in all parts of the community, so if we can create walking and biking trails connected by pedestrian bridges, think of how much more attractive our city will become in the near future.

Creating a Healthy Community for the entire region is going to be one of my top priorities in the coming four years.”

from, last checked July 31, 2014

Re transit:  "I am committed to doing whatever we can to maintain the level of service we already have and perhaps improve on some of the routes, especially in Valley East."

from, last checked July 10, 2014

Richard Larcher
John Lundrigan

Sustainable Transportation
"As a city we need to offer a variety of transportation options to get you where you need to go. First and foremost we must stress the importance of having well-built and well maintained roadways in our city. We need to put more emphasis on public transportation as the cleaner and smarter way of the future. We should look at options for trial routes and additional busses on current routes to see where we can fill the gaps for citizens in the outlying areas. Also the option of free Wi-Fi on public transit will help students and business professionals on the go. Once a bus gets to its destination, citizens will also need well maintained sidewalks to get to and from their final destination."

Public Transit
"The outlying areas reach far, and this makes for longer wait times at bus stops and much longer times to reach final destinations within the city, using the transfer system."
"Over the coming months my son and I will be riding the bus to different areas of the city and talking to people so see where we can improve this service. Please stay tuned, as I will report back to you."
"Handi- Transit:
We must also have a positive mandate to provide persons with disabilities and those who are unable to access conventional transit equal access to a transportation system so as to enhance their participation in all aspects of community life. Our goal must be to ensure that accessible, affordable transportation is provided in a dignified and respectful manner."

Cycling lanes
"I also envision a city-wide cycling network which could provide a safe and convenient system of transportation for recreation and utilitarian purposes, including opportunities for family outings, exercise, commuting to work and personal needs. As a group we could explore the idea of the “8/80”. This where we create a safe cycling infrastructure to those in the age range from 8 and 80."

from Aug. 5, 2014

Kent MacNeill
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