Sustainable Transportation

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Candidate nameTransportation Platform Statement
Aaron Beaudry
Lin Gibson

"Is free public transit at peak times an impossible dream in our community?  Not at all!  If this concept is achievable in other Canadian cities why not Greater Sudbury? We could drive an increased awareness and usage of Greater Sudbury Transit services with more creative concepts such as this one. A focus on better city bus schedules for many residents throughout the city and in particular Ward 9  need to be prioritized right away. (Coniston, Wahnapitea, Wanup and areas of the South End with mediocre trans cab services). Incentive approaches such as free Wi-Fi on our city buses would certainly increase user volumes.

Proper bicycle path planning should be a top priority so that safe and smooth bicycle corridors throughout the city encourage this mode of transportation over three seasons (spring/summer/autumn)."

From, last checked Sept. 3, 2014

Les Lisk
Wyman MacKinnon
Deb McIntosh
  • "Roadways: The community is asking the municipality to “fix the roads.” We will re-think our road investments, and do a better job of maintaining the existing infrastructure
  • Public Transit: We will build an effective transit system which will improve access to employment opportunities, community resources, recreational activities and medical care
  • Walking and Cycling: More children will be able to walk or cycle to school or a playground; more older adults will be able to walk to shopping or a bus stop"

from, last checked July 2, 2014

Paul Stopciati
Will Thomson
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