Sustainable Transportation

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Candidate nameWardTransportation Platform Statement
Matt Alexander Ward 1

"Safety First
Prioritize safety for all road users when we rebuild roads and approve new development.

Life-Cycle Infrastructure Costing
We can’t build new roads without a plan to pay for on-going maintenance. We need a new comprehensive approach to infrastructure.

The 8-80 Approach
Our streets should be safe and comfortable for everyone aged 8 to 80 years old.

Grow Transit Ridership
We can improve the cost-effectiveness of our transit system and reduce congestion by implementing strategies to encourage more people to ride the bus. What would it take for you to want to ride the bus?

Safer Cycling for Smoother Driving
More people will want to bike to work over the next four years. We need to improve cycling safety along the routes that will see the most new cyclists to ensure traffic keeps moving smoothly."

"Work and Shop Closer to Home
Facilitate development of walkable, attractive public spaces to encourage sustainable transportation."

"Improve Foot Traffic for Ward 1 Businesses
I’ll work with business-owners in the West End and along Regent to make these retail areas safer and more comfortable for pedestrians."

From, last checked Sept. 22, 2014

“It's in everyone's best interest to get more people on underused bus routes, even if you never ride it.

More riders: make our transit system more cost-effective; reduce the number of cars on our roads; and increases the safety of passengers and drivers (Assaults on crowded buses are much less likely than on mostly empty buses).

If I'm elected as councillor for Ward 1 my priority for transit will be to increase ridership.

I'll bring a motion to council directing staff to development of a ridership growth strategy with input from you. We'll establish annual targets based on long-term strategies and low-cost, easy-to-do quick wins.

We can make transit work in Sudbury, but we need a real strategy for attracting new riders. This will be my priority for transit over the next term of council.”

From, last checked Sept. 18, 2014

John Antonioni Ward 10

“Promote better safety by properly identifying and lighting crosswalks”

“Expand hiking trails, parks and bike paths throughout the city”

From, last checked Aug. 30, 2014

Jean-Raymond Audet Mayor
Robin Auger Ward 7

"The first thing we need to do is take a long look at the transportation schedule to see what routes need to be adjusted to provide better service to all the areas of the city. Also we could like other cities provide a free service to the most underused parts of our routes to get more riders who will then see the advantages of using public Transit. Next we must do a better job plowing side walks and road ways to aid those who are ``differently abled`` to get around as well as make it easier for public transit users to get to their stops. We must form a committee for the bike users in our city where they can bring to us a better plan to make bike travel more safe and efficient for them as well as how to attract new bike riders in our city. Moving people throughout our city so that they can easily and efficiently reach all areas should be a priority. The roadways, sidewalks and public transit are how money travels into our city, we have to make it as easy as possible for our citizens to reach our businesses or recreational facilities or they will just turn on their computers to spend their money."

From, last checked Sept. 2, 2014

Jacques Barbeau (Incumbent) Ward 2
Aaron Beaudry Ward 9
Matt Belanger Ward 3
Joseph Berthelot Ward 5
Fernand Bidal Ward 6
Brian Bigger Mayor
Mike Bleskie Ward 11

“Take good infrastructure seriously by working harder toward smart and sustainable development, which eases strain on existing roads, and contributes to a healthy lifestyle.”

from, last checked July 26, 2014

Kevin Brault Ward 6
Jeanne Brohart Mayor
Tay Butt Ward 12

“Better pedestrian access to main roads.”
“Well planned road development and maintenance”
“Sudbury Transit system to fix certain issues including route duplications and timings on weekend.”

from; last checked June 30, 2014

Fern Cormier Ward 10

"Fern believes that Ward 10 needs...
The modernization of our transit information systems."

From!platform/c5ro, last checked July 10, 2014

“Sunday transit service in Greater Sudbury needs to improve

support free ridership for seniors in our community during off peak hours

would like to see a “park & ride” system up and running for runs that would bring people from areas such as Valley East to high volume destinations such as the Tax Data Center, the hospital and Laurentian University”

From!issue-statements/c2h5, last checked October 17, 2014

Francois Couture Ward 4
Michael Cullen Ward 8

"A few years back I was involved in the Ride Share program through my work with volunteers and the school nutrition programs. I fully understand through our Volunteer Income Tax program the importance of a collective program to aid the service of public transportation. I would like to see a proper long term plan that would include road signage, widening plan for walking and biking purposes. This must be a serious budget consideration."

From Position Statement

Gordon Drysdale Ward 7
Ron Dupuis Mayor

"Strive to connect our communities via trails and bike paths"

from, last checked July 10, 2014

Evelyn Dutrisac (Incumbent) Ward 4
Denis Ferron Ward 1
Jesse Gaudet Ward 3

“Public transit gets people moving, many Sudburians rely on it. Transit is very important for many people, such as seniors and students who rely on transit every single day.  That is why I will:
- Fight to bring frequent, more reliable transit service to ward 3
- Bring better bus services to Dowling, Onaping and Levack (Currently no city buses go past Chelmsford)
- Ensuring routes are examined every 4 years to find greater efficiency in the transit service
- Improve sunday bus service for ward 3 and Sudbury as a whole”

“Create a public forum for citizens to voice their concerns regarding infrastructure projects, and future projects to be prioritized accordingly.”

"Creating more dedicated bike lanes

Creating a Complete Street strategy for all new and upgraded roads"

From, last checked October 17, 2014.

Lin Gibson Ward 9

"Is free public transit at peak times an impossible dream in our community?  Not at all!  If this concept is achievable in other Canadian cities why not Greater Sudbury? We could drive an increased awareness and usage of Greater Sudbury Transit services with more creative concepts such as this one. A focus on better city bus schedules for many residents throughout the city and in particular Ward 9  need to be prioritized right away. (Coniston, Wahnapitea, Wanup and areas of the South End with mediocre trans cab services). Incentive approaches such as free Wi-Fi on our city buses would certainly increase user volumes.

Proper bicycle path planning should be a top priority so that safe and smooth bicycle corridors throughout the city encourage this mode of transportation over three seasons (spring/summer/autumn)."

From, last checked Sept. 3, 2014

Jeff Huska Mayor

"Encourage healthier lifestyles through healthy living initiatives such as biking and walking trails"

from, last checked July 10, 2014

Mike Jakubo Ward 7

“Greater Sudbury has a vast circuit of public transit which a resident can use to get from one end of the city to the other.  This is not ideal for everyone all the time, but for most, public transit should be a viable option, if not every day, then at least a few days each week.  Biking is also a big part of sustainable transportation and the City has made bike paths a part of many road projects. This being said, the City must do better on all fronts.  Public transit must remain affordable and available to all residents and can be better promoted through rewarding frequent riders with better discounts and by having more free ride occasions to show residents how efficient transit can be in getting someone from point A to point B.  Bike paths need to be constructed properly and not as an afterthought where part of an existing lane is marked off for portions of a road making bikes weave in and out of marked lanes.  This is not safe for the cyclist or drivers. Where a new road project has had bike paths approved, they need to be full, continuous lanes for the safety of all involved. This will promote cycling as means of safe transportation.”

From, last checked Sept. 13, 2014

Terry Kett (Incumbent) Ward 11
Dave Kilgour (Incumbent) Ward 7
Robert Kirwan Ward 5

“The next four years will be critical to the future of the City of Greater Sudbury for a number of reasons, but one of the areas that we need to be more focussed upon is with respect to the promotion of what is referred to as “active transportation” in all corners of the City and within all twelve wards. We are doing this now in Ward 5 and 6 in the Valley and Sudbury North, but it must become a City-Wide focus.

This is consistent with the recommendations made in the Leisure Master Plan, which I was excited to see and am looking forward to implementing. The survey results clearly point to a desire among the vast majority of our citizens for more to be done to promote activities like walking, hiking, cycling and other outdoor recreational pursuits that encourage a healthy lifestyle that is family focused and accessible to all residents, regardless of their age or ability. Many of the recommendations of the Leisure Master Plan are related to transportation so this means that as we revise our approach to both public and general transportation we need to be cognizant of including policies and infrastructure that will promote a healthier lifestyle.

This means that when City Council is approving new developments and roadways, we must take into consideration how we can create a system that is going to promote these types of activities and help people shift from motorized to non-motorized forms of transportation. It also means that we must find ways of expanding our public transit service in order to promote the use of alternative means of transportation for residents. We need to allow space for safe bicycle lanes and ensure that there is ample and secure bicycle parking throughout our city. We have a lot of green space and wonderful streams located in all parts of the community, so if we can create walking and biking trails connected by pedestrian bridges, think of how much more attractive our city will become in the near future.

Creating a Healthy Community for the entire region is going to be one of my top priorities in the coming four years.”

from, last checked July 31, 2014

Re transit:  "I am committed to doing whatever we can to maintain the level of service we already have and perhaps improve on some of the routes, especially in Valley East."

from, last checked July 10, 2014

Mathieu Labonté Ward 1
Vincent Lacroix Ward 11
Joscelyne Landry-Altmann (Incumbent) Ward 12

“-Continue to support sustainable transportation options:better pedestrian accesses,safe bicycle lanes,improved transit service including signage.

-Promote well planned road development in established neighborhoods  i.e.Maley/Montrose connector) and complete streets concept.

-Promote walkability,:co-authored : making Sudbury the most walkable city in Ontario by 2015.()-winter sidewalk maintenance enhancement /accessible sidewalks.

-Advocate for infrastructure upgrades across Ward 12 :accessible sidewalks,safe crosswalks,improved LED lighting,walking trails,street resurfacing,(Notre Dame, Lasalle, Kathleen,Redfern,King st,Lavoie…”

From, last checked Sept. 5, 2014

René Lapierre Ward 6
Richard Larcher Ward 5
Kerry Latham Ward 8
Paul Lefebvre Ward 4
Les Lisk Ward 9
John Lundrigan Ward 5

Sustainable Transportation
"As a city we need to offer a variety of transportation options to get you where you need to go. First and foremost we must stress the importance of having well-built and well maintained roadways in our city. We need to put more emphasis on public transportation as the cleaner and smarter way of the future. We should look at options for trial routes and additional busses on current routes to see where we can fill the gaps for citizens in the outlying areas. Also the option of free Wi-Fi on public transit will help students and business professionals on the go. Once a bus gets to its destination, citizens will also need well maintained sidewalks to get to and from their final destination."

Public Transit
"The outlying areas reach far, and this makes for longer wait times at bus stops and much longer times to reach final destinations within the city, using the transfer system."
"Over the coming months my son and I will be riding the bus to different areas of the city and talking to people so see where we can improve this service. Please stay tuned, as I will report back to you."
"Handi- Transit:
We must also have a positive mandate to provide persons with disabilities and those who are unable to access conventional transit equal access to a transportation system so as to enhance their participation in all aspects of community life. Our goal must be to ensure that accessible, affordable transportation is provided in a dignified and respectful manner."

Cycling lanes
"I also envision a city-wide cycling network which could provide a safe and convenient system of transportation for recreation and utilitarian purposes, including opportunities for family outings, exercise, commuting to work and personal needs. As a group we could explore the idea of the “8/80”. This where we create a safe cycling infrastructure to those in the age range from 8 and 80."

from Aug. 5, 2014

Wyman MacKinnon Ward 9
Kent MacNeill Ward 5
Richard Majkot Mayor
Robert McCarthy Ward 12
Deb McIntosh Ward 9
  • "Roadways: The community is asking the municipality to “fix the roads.” We will re-think our road investments, and do a better job of maintaining the existing infrastructure
  • Public Transit: We will build an effective transit system which will improve access to employment opportunities, community resources, recreational activities and medical care
  • Walking and Cycling: More children will be able to walk or cycle to school or a playground; more older adults will be able to walk to shopping or a bus stop"

from, last checked July 2, 2014

Dan Melanson Mayor

“through his infrastructure renewal strategy, he proposes that any new construction or reconstruction of roads include a standardized plan for cycling lanes.”

From, last checked Sept. 11, 2014

"it is the city's responsibility to provide proper transportation infrastructure which includes all modes of transportation such as cycling, pedestrian and vehicle."

From, last checked October 16, 2014

Gerry Germain Montpellier Ward 3
Marcel Montpellier Ward 3
Chris Nerpin Ward 11
Chad Odnokon Ward 2

"I believe in promoting healthy, active lifestyles for the whole community. As your city councillor for ward 2, I would focus on the creation of green spaces, investments in cycling infrastructure, pedestrian walkways, nature trails, and investments in local food production in order to help make Sudbury a healthier community."

"In addition to ensuring we have high quality roads and highways, we also need high quality public transportation. Citizens in Sudbury should not have to settle for a sub-par transit system. This is especially true for citizens outside the main Sudbury area, such as the citizens of Ward 2 who do not fully benefit from our existing transit services. We also need ensure that citizens in this city can opt to cycle safely. Together, improved public transportation and cycling infrastructure can help reduce the number of cars on the roads, therefore reducing gridlock so citizens can get to where they need to go faster and more efficiently. As your city councilor for Ward 2, I would advocate for improved Sudbury transit services for all citizens as well as more cycling infrastructure."

From, last checked July 8, 2014

Shawn Ouimet Ward 12

“Introduce a plan for more Light Vehicle and City Transit Friendly Roads, which will Increase the ​Life expectancy of major and secondary roads, and ​save on ​repairs/construction, reduce traffic at  ​major intersections in Ward 12.”

“Advocate a New Bus terminal, where I will work diligently to ​incorporate ​​Greyhound and Northland in one facility, along with new ​weekly route schedules for Greater Sudbury Transit.”

“Increased street lighting at crosswalks and ​sidewalks throughout Ward 12”

From, last checked Sept. 18, 2014.

Joseph Palmateer Ward 2
Gerry Perras Ward 8
Hannu Piironen Ward 10

"Improve Sudbury transit. Increase and link bike routes throughout the city. Make Sudbury a more walkable community."

From flyer (pdf provided by candidate)

Ed Pokonzie Mayor

With an enhanced public transit system each community from Levack to Wanup and Wanipitae to Worthington  should have a transit station where each could be expanded to include
-a municipal walk-in clinic
-a library branch
-community office of city services etc.

Hand written platform provided by candidate.

David Popescu Mayor
Stefano Presenza Ward 8

" My priorities for Ward 8 include:  a focus on planning improved safety for cyclists, avid walkers and the neighbourhood"

"My commitment is to:  improve the efficiency of our Transit system"

From, last checked August 12, 2014.

Walter Prus Ward 7
Lynne Reynolds Ward 11

"Here is my record of accomplishments as your former Councillor when it comes to being ‘good and green’:

Initiated and tabled a motion to implement the Ramsey Lake Bike Path. Passed.

As Vice-Chair of the Planning Committee, I encouraged developers to link their new developments to schools, commercial areas and adjacent neighbourhoods with bike paths and to include nature features

Had several traffic lights lengthened to enable seniors to cross streets comfortably.

Promoted better sidewalk snow-clearing

In favour of trial ‘park and ride’ to encourage bus ridership from outlying communities

In favour of promoting increased bus ridership

In favour of Complete Streets and Street Diets policies"

From, last checked October 16, 2014

Steve Ripley Ward 10

"Investigate the introduction of flashing overhead crosswalk signs at high traffic, unregulated pedestrian crossings within the ward."

from, last checked July 10, 2014

André Rivest (Incumbent) Ward 6
John Rodriguez Mayor

“The establishment of “park and go” sites outside the city core to enable commuters to park their vehicles and have easy access to public transit.

A review of all transit routes in Greater Sudbury to ensure people are being moved as quickly as possible.

Ensuring that future road projects address storm sewer bypass, pedestrian safety, and bike lanes.”

From Oct. 2, 2014 Press Release

Sidney Shapiro Ward 1
Mark Signoretti Ward 1
Al Sizer Ward 8

“working with the Bicycle Advisory Committee and Coalition for a More Liveable Sudbury to provide enhance other methods of transportation in Greater Sudbury”

“SENIORS TRANSPORTATION  free use of Sudbury Transit during non peak hours”

From, last checked Sept. 13, 2014

Paul Soucie Ward 1
Chris Spry Ward 1
Paul Stopciati Ward 9
Will Thomson Ward 9
Thomas Trainor Ward 1
Michael Vagnini Ward 2
Mila Wong Ward 10
Dan Xilon Ward 2
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