Top Priorities

The local environmental community has five top priorities for a green, healthy and engaged community. These priorities were decided on by consensus by over 20 local ‘green’ groups at the spring 2012 Green Gathering.

Green Gatherings are a coming together of local green groups in Greater Sudbury to:

  • Share information and ideas
  • Collaborate on shared needs and joint events
  • Set common priorities and action items

For more information on the Green Gatherings, contact the Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury at or see our website at

 SustTransGraphic 1.  Sustainable transportation:  everyone should be able to get to where they are going safely, conveniently and accessibly, whether they are walking, in a wheelchair or scooter, on a bike, on a bus, or in a private vehicle.   We need complete streets, a functional, network of cycling routes, improved transit, and improved pedestrian crossings and sidewalk access.To find out more about why sustainable transportation is important: Click here
 WaterGrpahic 2.  Water Quality:  water is life!  We need to protect the health of our lakes, rivers, creeks and wetlands, and minimize the impact of development on our watersheds.To find out more about why healthy watersheds are important: Click here
 NatEnvGraphic 3.  A healthy natural environment:  we all rely on healthy water, air, and soil.  We need our natural spaces, and they need our protection.  By taking care of the health of our natural environment, we are looking after our own health as well.To find out more about why a healthy natural environment is important:: Click here
 LocalFoodGraphic 4.  Local food:  local food is healthy and adds to food security.  Let’s support our local farmers, and people growing their own food at home or in community gardens.To find out more about why local food is important: Click here
 CitEngGraphic 5.  Citizen engagement:  collectively, we make our community a better place.  Let’s support people working to make the community better, and give people a voice in the municipal decisions that shape our city.To find out more about why community engagement is important: Click here



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