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Richard Majkot

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Telephone: 705-692-4266
Facebook: Majkot4Mayor2014


I was born, raised, educated, and worked in Greater Sudbury. “

from, last checked July 10, 2014


Platform Statement:

Water Quality

Platform Statement:

Natural Environment

Platform Statement:

Local Food

Platform Statement:

Citizen Engagement

Platform Statement:

I will create a “Customer Service Standard” for all employees to ensure that City Hall is accountable and transparent to taxpayers.”

“Greater Sudbury has a body of people who are successful in business and in creative fields.  I intend to utilize their knowledge and skills to build a Greater Sudbury that is prosperous and productive.  City Hall can do some of it, but it can do much more by engaging the experience of private sector and non-governmental leaders in a conversation regarding change for good”

from, last checked July 26, 2014




Platform Statement:

“Cities can do a lot to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on their own,”

“As Mayor, Majkot will champion a “Mayors’ Climate Action Agenda” starting in Northern Ontario. He will champion Mayors “to set targets in their Cities for emissions reductions, and to create or update climate action plans.”

There are ways of offsetting emissions, like tree planting and capturing methane emissions from landfills. Richard Majkot will champion other Mayors to sign on to this initiative with a push to make it a national initiative for municipalities.

There are three main action areas:
-Green building codes
-Waste management

By adopting rigorous building codes, Cities could cut their building energy usage by 30%.

Cities could dramatically reduce their transportation emissions by switching to electric public buses, and reducing driving itself through smart urban planning and expanded mass transit.

Garbage creates methane when decomposing. Cities can reduce their emissions by increasing recycling and putting methane collection systems in landfills.

Climate change has significant impacts on health, our natural environment and the economy.”

From Oct. 1, 2014 Press Release  

A Code of Conduct will be created for Council”

The Auditor General’s office will be strengthened to identify and report fraud and waste in a timely fashion by a Fraud and Waste Hotline Program so that action is taken immediately.

An Integrity Commissioner will be appointed to enforce a Code of Conduct for Council.  The Integrity Commissioner will investigate and report on alleged breaches by Council. The Integrity Commissioner will also be required to publish a Report annually.

The position of Ombudsman will be re-established

I will make sure that expenditures match the needs of the Communities, satisfy the desires of residents, and contribute to improving their lives in their Communities.”

from, last checked July 26, 2014

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