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Brian Bigger

Contact info:

Telephone: 705-674-4455 ext. 2514
Facebook: biggersudbury
Twitter:  @BiggerSudbury


“Brian Bigger was born in Sudbury and currently serves as the Auditor General for the City of Greater Sudbury…. Brian is a Certified Professional Accountant – CGA; holds a certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) by the IIA and is a member of the International Institute of Internal Auditors, as well as a member of the North American Association Of Local Government Auditors.”

From, last checked August 12, 2014


Platform Statement:

Transportation Survey Responses:

1. What does sustainable transportation mean to you?
Sustainable Transportation in my opinion includes more than vehicular transport and includes means by air water and rail as well. I believe it requires comprehensive planning to ensure that the preferred method of transport is something that has minimal impact on the environment, promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages the reduced consumption of fossil fuels.

* 2. How are you going to support it in our community?
As Mayor I will be a champion for sustainable transportation. In my youth I cycled with the Sudbury Cycling Club and won a gold medal at the Ontario Summer Games in 1974. This passion for the great outdoors has stayed with me all through my life and is an important factor in deciding to make Sudbury our home.

* Above includes answer to Top Public Question 3. What are you going to do to enhance walking, bicycling and transit usage in Greater Sudbury over the next 4 years?

Level of support for:

(a) Dedicated annual funding in the municipal budget for cycling and pedestrian infrastructure
I will champion that
(b) Adopting a Complete Streets Policy that details how to implement streets that are designed for all users
I will champion that
(c) Improvements in transit service and fares to meet the needs of citizens
I will vote in favour
(d) Implementation and coordination of Transportation Demand Management
I will vote in favour
a) Although there is funding and support from the City, improved focus is needed. b) This is key to sustainability and the City’s strategy to deal with our infrastructure funding gap.

Water Quality

Platform Statement:

Water Quality Survey Responses:

1. In your view, what are the most important steps the city needs to take to protect water quality?
Watershed Studies must be conducted and properly funded. There must be better management of storm water, which is critical and must be looked at immediately. This would have huge impact to our water bodies.

* 2. How are you going to support it in our community?
These topics will be brought forward for debate and discussion as a priority when I am Mayor

* Above includes answer to Top Public Question 1. What plan do you have to protect and sustain our many lakes? What actions will you take to support your plan? What resources will you devote?

Level of support for:

(a) Requiring larger shoreline buffers
I will vote in favour
(b) Dedicated annual funding in the municipal budget to complete priority watershed and subwatershed studies
I will champion that
(c) Rejecting development in floodplains and wetlands
I will vote in favour
(d) Adopting higher standards for storm water management, and expanded capacity in vulnerable areas
I will champion that
(e) Support for the Vermilion River Stewardship’s opposition of proposed modified run-of-river hydroelectric dams on the Vermilion River
I will vote in favour
b) We must understand what and where our exposures are and provide the mechanism to manage these exposures to reduce their ef ect on our environment. c) Our terrain requires us to manage storm water in a more environmentally ef ective manner.

Natural Environment

Platform Statement:

Natural Environment Survey Responses:

1. How will you balance development with protection of the natural environment?
By developing programs that encourage rehabilitation of brownfield properties and subsequent development of these properties. To promote infill development where possible

2. How will you champion opportunities in your ward to fill gaps in parks service and to protect unique natural areas (identified by the Green Space Advisory Panel)?
I will bring these topics forward to Council for open debate and discussion.

Level of support for:

(a) Dedicated annual funding in the municipal budget to implement the green space acquisition strategy
I will vote in favour
(b) Policies in the Official Plan to recognize and protect important natural areas
I will vote in favour
(c) Removing the “Laurentian link” road from the Official Plan transportation schedule
I will vote in favour
(d) Re-assessing proposed roads on the Transportation Schedule that impact natural areas
I will vote in favour
I moved to Sudbury, having lived in Oakville, Ontario and St. Albert, Alberta. In both communities I experienced and enjoyed these livable elements.

Local Food

Platform Statement:

Local Food Survey Responses:

1. How do you see the city’s role in food system sustainability, access to local food, and the connection to health?
Our City should actively support these elements of our food system.

* 2. How would you develop local agriculture and fresh water and forest foods?
Through communication and education.

* Above includes answer to Top Public Question 2. What is your commitment to encourage a local food economy?

Level of support for:

(a) A food action plan for the city
I will vote in favour
(b) Developing targets for procurement of local food in municipal institutions
I will vote in favour
(c) Providing support for urban agriculture initiatives
I will vote in favour
(d) Expanding the amount of land preserved for agricultural use and avoiding incompatible use
I will champion that
(e) Designating the market as a Farmer’s Market
E-I need to understand the number of potential local farmers who could attend and if this would adversely impact the viability of a farmers market and getting fresh product to Sudburians..

Citizen Engagement

Platform Statement:

“ administration will act to adopt the principles of Open Data and Open Government. … It’s a major shift in the culture of the city, a shift that is overdue. It will result in real cost savings for the city, highly improved citizen service, better citizen engagement and is fast becoming a prerequisite for tech companies. Open Data and Open Government allow Citizens, Businesses, City Employees, Managers and Council to work together in ways previously not possible.
Open data is simply taking the information the city currently produces and making it freely available online in a way web and app developers can access”

From, last checked Sept. 18, 2014

“Vision 2025 – A Ten Year Look Ahead for Greater Sudbury. Vision 2025 will involve all citizens, interest groups, community organizations and businesses coming together to share their ideas about the future of our City. The Vision 2025, will be a conference focused on gathering information and input from the people of Sudbury.

The people of Sudbury will have a real and meaningful role in this process. It will include submissions and presentations from:
-The non-profit sector
-Volunteer groups
-Industrial, commercial and business sectors of this City
-Other interest groups

This initiative will be held in the first year of Brian Bigger becoming elected as Mayor”

From Oct. 2, 2014 Press Release 

Citizen Engagement Survey Responses:

1. How will you ensure that community consultation is done effectively and openly, with productive dialogue from start to finish for municipal projects and decisions?
Each quarter representatives of these community interest groups will be invited to present their interests before council, encouraging a high level of respect and involvement.

2. How will you ensure a consistent culture of openness and support for public input across all city departments?
I will champion change and awareness of these important issues. This will be done top down.

Level of support for:

(a) Adopting an enhanced system for resolving all issues and complaints, including tracking numbers and prescribed timelines
I will champion that
(b) Requiring proactive engagement of citizens and stakeholder groups when forming policies and developing projects
I will champion that
(c) Requiring agendas and background material to be publicly posted two weeks in advance, and minutes to be posted one week after meetings of Council and Committees of Council
I will champion that
(d) Providing timely, fair and transparent support to citizens and citizen groups for community projects that contribute to the community
I will champion that
(e) Ensuring easily accessible, complete and searchable information on the City website
I will champion that
From my responses, when I advise you that I will champion the matter, not only will I also vote in favour. These topics are very important to me and essential to a community to move forward to the future. Thank you so much for all the work you do

Climate Change

Climate Change Survey Response:


Platform Statement:

“Building on the success of the Vaughan Accord, I have developed a Charter to be signed by all Members of Council, including the Mayor, to bind Council as responsible stewards of the City’s finances, assets, services, public places and natural environment. In essence, it is to ensure that Council acts in the best interest of the City.”

From, last checked Oct. 3, 2014

“Sudbury has a vibrant arts community. You can see their passion in the projects that they are pushing forward.

Projects like Place des Art, the Downtown Indie Cinema and The Franklin Carmichael Art Gallery. These are 3 major projects our arts community has taken on, and I am confident in their success because they all began as grass roots projects and found wider community support to move them forward.

As Mayor, I will champion these efforts. I will continue the tradition of the ‘Mayors Celebration of the Arts’ to help encourage these initiatives.

I will invite Sudbury’s various arts groups, to come together to form a joint advisory panel for the Arts, to work together to achieve our common goals;

To build a solid plan of action for the Arts and Culture in Sudbury; and to raise awareness of our accomplishments.

I will help the Arts Community leverage the funds you need to continue the great momentum you have begun.”

From, last checked October 16, 2014

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