Ward 10

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Compare what the candidates had to say about sustainable transportion, water and natural environment, local food, citizen engagement, climate change.

Survey responses

When deciding how to vote, or where to dedicate your time on Council, how important to you is:
 [most important; very important; important; not important; don’t know]

Protecting and improving water quality and the natural environment.

Candidate namequestion_2b
Fern Cormier (incumbent) very important
Denis Ferron most important
Steve Ripley most important

Here are some of our specific priorities that require leadership to implement. Indicate your level of support for:
[“I will champion that” “I will vote in favour”, “I will vote against”, “Unsure”]

Educating private contractors and the public on the harmful effects of sodium and chloride on the environment and human health and finding alternatives .

Candidate namequestion_7d
Fern Cormier (incumbent) I will champion that
Denis Ferron I will vote in favour
Steve Ripley I will champion that

Greater Sudbury has some new policies in place or in progress that have the potential to make a huge difference for our community if they are implemented.  Indicate your level of support for implementing and resourcing these fundamental policies and plans:
[“I will champion that” “I will vote in favour”, “I will vote against”, “Unsure”]

Subwatershed studies and plans;  Water and Wastewater Master Plan. 

Candidate namequestion_8d
Fern Cormier (incumbent) I will champion that
Denis Ferron I will champion that
Steve Ripley I will champion that

What will you do ensure that the health of Greater Sudbury’s lakes, rivers and creeks are protected and enhanced?

Candidate namequestion_6
Fern Cormier (incumbent) It will be important to "hit the ground running" with the results of the watershed study. There will be recommendations that will have to be financed and implemented in order to protect our waterways.
Denis Ferron I was walking along junction creek and was saddened by all the garbage along the banks and in damned areas, this has to be cleaned up and a solution to prevent all the garbage entering waterways. Find a something other than salt in winter time that finds it's way to our watershed and have more filtering resevoir catch basins.
Steve Ripley I would work with local groups as well as seek out ideas to upgrade and improve infrastructure and sewer systems as they are being repaired and look for ways to mitigate or eliminate toxic road salts etc. that are used on our roadways during the winter months. I would also enact and enforce a bylaw requiring field beds,gas stations or any other form of sub terrainian waste management to be anually inspected so that the possibility of contamination is greatly reduced or eliminated.

Platform statements

Candidate nameEnvironment and Water
Fern Cormier (incumbent)
Denis Ferron
Steve Ripley