Ward 5

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Compare what the candidates had to say about sustainable transportion, water and natural environment, local food, citizen engagement, climate change.

Survey responses

When deciding how to vote, or where to dedicate your time on Council, how important to you is:
 [most important; very important; important; not important; don’t know]

Protecting and improving water quality and the natural environment.

Candidate namequestion_2b
Jerry Desormeaux most important
Robert Kirwan (incumbent) most important
Michel Lalonde very important

Here are some of our specific priorities that require leadership to implement. Indicate your level of support for:
[“I will champion that” “I will vote in favour”, “I will vote against”, “Unsure”]

Educating private contractors and the public on the harmful effects of sodium and chloride on the environment and human health and finding alternatives .

Candidate namequestion_7d
Jerry Desormeaux I will champion that
Robert Kirwan (incumbent) I will champion that
Michel Lalonde I will vote in favour

Greater Sudbury has some new policies in place or in progress that have the potential to make a huge difference for our community if they are implemented.  Indicate your level of support for implementing and resourcing these fundamental policies and plans:
[“I will champion that” “I will vote in favour”, “I will vote against”, “Unsure”]

Subwatershed studies and plans;  Water and Wastewater Master Plan. 

Candidate namequestion_8d
Jerry Desormeaux I will champion that
Robert Kirwan (incumbent) I will champion that
Michel Lalonde I will vote in favour

What will you do ensure that the health of Greater Sudbury’s lakes, rivers and creeks are protected and enhanced?

Candidate namequestion_6
Jerry Desormeaux Better educate people on the importance of our water ways.
Robert Kirwan (incumbent) I will continue to support recommendations from staff that are needed to protect our lakes, rivers and creeks. Staff are well aware of the latest strategies and it is important for Council to give them the support to do what they feel is most effective.
Michel Lalonde The Source Water Protection Plan was prepared by the Greater Sudbury Source Protection Committee and came into effect on April 1st, 2015. It is therefore important to ensure the sources and prescribes policies, actions and programs to reduce or eliminate these threats are put into action and enforced by our local authorities (ei. By-law officers, Risk Management Official, Risk Management Inspector, etc.).

Platform statements

Candidate nameEnvironment and Water
Jerry Desormeaux
Robert Kirwan (incumbent)

I am in full support of using the 28 acre parcel of undeveloped land at the Howard Armstrong Recreation Centre for a new twin-pad multi-purpose facility and a 20 acre waling/hiking/nature trail network that will be accessible for all of our residents.” “I intend to continue to make this (a 3rd ball field to the Centennial Park Complex) a part of the total package that includes the twin – pad multi use arena at the HARC so that when we close Centennial, we repurpose the entire park and make it like another Terry Fox complex for the northern sector of Greater Sudbury.”

From http://www.valleyeasttoday.ca/Election%202014/Kirwan%20Robert.htm and https://www.facebook.com/groups/RobertKirwanWard5/permalink/466220417191695/, checked September 7, 2018

Michel Lalonde