Water Quality

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Candidate nameWater Platform Statement
Jean-Raymond Audet
Brian Bigger
Jeanne Brohart
Ron Dupuis
Jeff Huska

"Protect Ramsey Lake as the City’s most important body of water.  Development around this is paramount"

from http://www.huskaformayor.com/index.php/vision-priorities, last checked July 14, 2014

"As Mayor, Jeff Huska will work in collaboration with the Sudbury and District Health Unit and our Vale Living with Lakes Center to further understand some of the main causes of Blue-Green Algae and more specifically what we can do to prevent it from destroying all of our lakes. Huska would be willing to institute bylaws that would prolong the longevity of our lakes if protecting our water systems means that there needs to be stronger municipal intervention."

from http://huskaformayor.com/index.php/mediacontent/press-releases/23-press-release/50-blue-green-algae-response-media-release-for-huska-for-mayor-campaign, last checked July 26, 2014

Richard Majkot
Dan Melanson

“As Mayor, Melanson will propose that immediate protective measures and continued research into future measures that protect Ramsey Lake and the watershed be fully funded”
“As part of the Melanson infrastructure renewal and municipal bond strategy, funding will be available to tackle these pressing infrastructure needs.”

“Those citizens who live in the suburban and rural areas of Greater Sudbury who are not serviced by the sanitary sewer system have the added responsibility of ensuring the proper operation of their septic systems. It is in everyone's best interest to ensure these septic systems are functioning properly and not leaking into our waterways. To this end Melanson proposes mandatory, periodic inspection and recertification of residential septic systems.”

From http://www.danmelanson.ca/index.php/mediacontent/media-releases/41-sudbury-can-t-wait-another-50-years-to-ensure-its-watersheds-are-clean, last checked Sept. 11, 2014

Ed Pokonzie

A clean and or/protected environment is necessary to protect our water quality

Hand written platform provided by candidate.

David Popescu
John Rodriguez

“long-term vision that will protect our parks, lakes, and rivers, including Wolf Lake.”

“Mitigate discharge from raw sewer and storm sewer overflows into lakes and rivers"

“ committed to supporting the work of local environmental groups such as the Coalition for a Livable Sudbury, Eat Local, and the many lake stewardship committees”

From Oct. 2, 2014 Press Release

"Ensure the protection of our lakes and rivers."

From http://www.johnrodriguez.ca/plan, last checked October 16, 2014

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