Water Quality

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Joseph Berthelot
Robert Kirwan

“We have a lot to be proud of in the “City of Lakes” and it bothers me when I see the blue-green algae springing up, and I hear about the increased pollution in our lakes and rivers. I am hopeful that during the next four years we can provide more support for the work being done by the Nickel District Conservation Authority. They have such a tremendous responsibility that goes much further than simply warning us about spring flooding.  The Conservation Authority must be given more funding and help to become much more significant in the development and establishment of policies with respect to our natural environment. I also want to provide support to the many small organizations that already exist in the twelve wards, such as the Valley East Trailsmen  and some of the local groups that work directly with the environment. These men and women have so much to provide us when it comes to improving the water quality in the area.

I also want to work with the schools to develop effective education programs for our students, and bring them to places like the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area where we can shape positive attitudes in the area of protecting our natural environment in order to sustain our quality of water and our quality of life in the Greater Sudbury Area.”

from http://www.valleyeasttoday.ca/Election%202014/Issues/WaterQuality.html, last checked July 31, 2014

Richard Larcher
John Lundrigan

Water Quality
"When it comes to our drinking water I believe we must exceed the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality prepared by Health Canada. Meeting and going above these standard guidelines reduces the risk of illnesses that may be attributed to public water supplies. Understanding our fragile water ecosystem will allow us to make smarter and more resilient decisions on how to protect them for the enjoyment and use of future generations.

I will commit to following the recommendations found in the Nickel District Conservation Authority’s source protection plan. This will better protect sensitive ground waters including the deep wells which provide drinking water to Valley East residents.

I will commit to help develop a watershed plan for the city’s most sensitive lakes, including Ramsey Lake and Whitewater Lake.

I will commit to working with community partners like the Junction Creek stewardship committee and others to keep our lakeshores and waterways clean and free of urban debris."

from http://johnlundrigan.ca/hot-topic-issues/ Aug. 5, 2014

Kent MacNeill
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