Water Quality

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Robin Auger

"Something we should all be more conscious of but are not. It is my opinion that we should be limiting or regulating the motorized vehicles on Ramsey lake in the summer. Ramsey lake is the biggest source of drinking water in our city and it is very counterintuitive to allow several gas driven vehicles to run in the lake. No matter how efficient the motor is a gas powered water vehicle always leaves pollution in the water behind as well as emissions that go into the air. It is also my opinion that blue green algae will be one of the biggest problems to face our lakes as it has already shown how invasive and harmful it can be, we have to find a way to address this problem now before it becomes impossible to control."

From https://www.facebook.com/voterobinauger, last checked Sept. 2, 2014

Gordon Drysdale
Mike Jakubo

“Water is our most precious environmental resource and we must work as a entire City to protect it.  Ward 7 is home to our City's largest lake in Lake Wanapitei; a lake that also serves as the start of one of our two critical watersheds in the Wahnapitae River, leading to one of two water treatment plants.  Mike strongly believes that conservation of water must be respected in City planning and growth decisions. We are fortunate that our two main watersheds have not been compromised like Ramsay Lake has with its blue-green algae issues and only more education of residents will ensure the full success of any conservation strategy.”

From http://www.mikejakubo.ca/sustainability.html, last checked Sept. 13, 2014

Dave Kilgour (Incumbent)
Walter Prus
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