Water Quality

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Candidate nameWater Platform Statement
Aaron Beaudry
Lin Gibson

"Water is the cornerstone to life.  Ward 9 boasts over 50% of the lakes in our branded ‘City of Lakes’. Many residents depend on their lake or river water bodies for their drinking water which is NOT protected by the city.  However these same home owners pay hefty taxes to the City of Greater Sudbury.  As a committed water steward and Chair of the Greater Sudbury Drinking Water Source Protection Authority (mandated by the Ministry of Environment) my knowledge base on this important issue will strengthen the municipal need for better protection and practices to safeguard water intake for home owners dependent on private water sources in Ward 9 and other areas in our watersheds. "

From http://www.gibson4ward9.ca/#statement, last checked Sept. 3, 2014

"An involved citizen and constant volunteer with many groups across Sudbury, Gibson is a leading community advocate and has been a responsible guardian relating to our valued watershed."

from http://gibson4ward9.ca/, last checked July 3, 2014

Les Lisk

"Protect Wahnapitae River,Richard,McFarlane and Long Lake watersheds."

from http://leslisk.com/, last checked July 2, 2014

Wyman MacKinnon
Deb McIntosh

"Water is one of our greatest resources; we will be proactive in protecting our lakes and rivers, and work with Laurentian’s Living with Lakes Centre, the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance and its associated groups as well as the people who live near our waterways"

from http://debmcintosh.ca/, last checked July 2, 2014

Paul Stopciati

"Working closely with the Long Lake and McFarlane Lake stewardship committees to protect the environment in our ward and our city"

from http://www.electpaulstopciati.com/platform.html, last checked July 3, 2014

Will Thomson

"Future economic growth is critical to Greater Sudbury’s success and environmental factors must always be given equal consideration in this development. The wise use of our forests, the protection of our many lakes, wildlife management, and the continued re-greening of our city are critical initiatives for all of us."

from http://www.will4ward9.com/#!platform/c1ca7, last checked July 26, 2014

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