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Fern Cormier (incumbent)
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Phone: 705-586-1640
Email: fern.cormier@greatersudbury.ca
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ferncormierforward10
Twitter: @ferncormier
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2018 Platform

Climate Change
Community Engagement
Environment and Water
Sustainable Transportation

2018 Survey


Continuation of the plans we have started implementing. Vast improvements to transit, pedestrian and cycle safety infrastructure have been started but need to be seen to completion. The first watershed study results will be available and a goal oriented plan will need to be put in place to address the issues identified in that study.

Increased use of public transit and continued improvements & investments in alternate transportation methods has been and will remain a priority for me.
It is worth reviewing our citizen engagement methods. I would like to see city administration tap into the expertise that exists within our community in order to improve the engagement process. It is important that people be heard but just as important is that they see their suggestions and ideas reflected in the decisions that are recommended to Council.
It will be important to "hit the ground running" with the results of the watershed study. There will be recommendations that will have to be financed and implemented in order to protect our waterways.
I am very interested in learning more about what we can do about this and certainly willing to discuss this and explore the options available to us.
I will continue to champion and support the initiatives that we have been putting in place. From having our first Active Transportation Coordinator to increased pedestrian and cycle friendly streets and a more functional and responsive transit system. These are issues that I have consistently supported and hope to get the opportunity to continue championing these and other initiatives. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to these questions.
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