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Geoff McCausland
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Phone: 705-626-6022
Email: geoff.mccausland@greatersudbury.ca
Website: www.geoffmccausland.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mccauslandward4/
Twitter: @MccauslandGeoff
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2018 Platform

Climate Change
Community Engagement
Environment and Water

“I am committed to protecting and celebrating our lakes and green spaces, and we are lucky to have a wonderful network of parks and trails across our city. However, some of these areas are lacking a plan for continued investment, improvements, and upkeep. I will work with community groups including Rainbow Routes, the Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury, and our Community Action Networks to ensure we wisely invest in our parks and trails.”
From https://geoffmccausland.com/platform, checked October 12, 2018

Sustainable Transportation

“I will advocate for smarter transit.”
“I will advocate investing in sustainable infrastructure by looking at long-term planning, and limiting infrastructure expansion until we can fix what is already in use today. “
From https://geoffmccausland.com/platform, checked October 12, 2018


Quality of Life: A healthy city starts with healthy communities.”“I will work to ensure we properly maintain our trails and parks, support recreational programs and facilities, and strive for active living to be within reach of every Sudburian.”
I am also committed to seeing the therapeutic pool project in Azilda through to completion, as that will be a great asset for our community.”

Social equity:“I believe in setting people up for success, and trying to give our most vulnerable an equal footing from which to live and work.  As councillor I will advocate affordable housing, smarter transit, independent living developments for seniors, and policies and programs that increase health equity across the city’s wards.”

Arts and Culture: “I want for us to embrace, respect, and celebrate our many and distinct voices by supporting our libraries, museums, talent, festivals, and our local cultural organizations.” “The City of Greater Sudbury has already committed to investing millions of dollars into arts and culture facilities in the coming years, and my experience will be crucial in making sure that your money is wisely spent.”

Other: “City council, city staff, and citizens have worked hard and spent many taxpayer dollars to develop our Official Plan, Cultural Plan, Downtown Master Plan, Economic Development Plan and more.
Sudbury needs to be a safe bet, and our city policy should consistently support these visions.  Corporations and investors will see us follow-through with our plans, and will be confident investing in Greater Sudbury.”

From https://geoffmccausland.com/platform, checked October 12, 2018

2018 Survey


I want to work towards building our roads better while implementing the “Complete Streets” initiative, protecting our lakes and waterways, investing in the beauty and functionality of our trails and parks, and introducing a safe consumption site in the Donovan area.

I would like to see Greater Sudbury gradually turn over our fleet of buses to electric buses, and true to our history as a centre of innovation in environmental science and mining technology, host an annual competition for new green mining developments.
I will work with citizens who are making community improvements to facilitate their work in whatever way I can. I will also work to ensure that communication from council about policies and decisions is clear and concise, and try to maintain an open dialogue with citizens where engagement and questioning is encouraged.
I will work to make sure that regulations made to protect our lakes, rivers and creeks are enforced, and that city staff are keeping our standards up-to-date with other progressive communities.
I would explore the possibility of taxing single-use plastics so that their convenience is off-set by their real cost. The money collected could be spent on street clean-ups and also on public education initiatives about the damage caused by single-use plastics.
I would like to help us work toward becoming a Greener Greater Sudbury that looks to the future.
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