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Candidate Name Michel Lalonde
Ward Ward 5
Candidate Info

Phone: 705-207-2988
Email: lalondeward5@gmail.com
Website: www.lalondeward5.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichelLalondeForWard5
Twitter: @MichelPLalonde
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Survey Responses

1. If you are elected, what do you most want to accomplish during this term of Council?

The city of Greater Sudbury is currently facing numerous issues that will impact our city for years to come. We have an aging population who require adequate and affordable housing, infrastructure that is in a state of despair (the city of Greater Sudbury is currently sitting at a more than $2 billion infrastructure deficit) and no population growth projected for the next decade. With the rising real estate market conditions and property taxes, it is making our city a difficult place for our youth, young families, seniors and everyone in between to live comfortably and without financial woes. The recent cuts in jobs (i.e. Vale, Health Sciences North) have also had a negative impact on our community, so stimulating job growth in our community is a must. I hope to work with other members of City Council, as well as City staff, to find solutions to these issues.

2. When deciding how to vote, or where to dedicate your time on Council, how important to you is:
[most important; very important; important; not important; don’t know]
a) Supporting a sustainable local food system:
very important
b) Protecting and improving water quality and the natural environment:
very important
c) Making it safer and more convenient to get around the City on foot or with a mobility device, by bike, or on the bus:
very important
d) Climate Change action and resilience:
very important
e) Transparency and citizen engagement:
most important
f) Implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations at a local level:
very important
g) Equity, and a life of dignity for all:
very important
h) Economic development:
most important

3. The Paris Climate Agreement is a commitment to “holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels,” to avoid unacceptable risks to humanity. To reach this goal, carbon emissions must peak by the year by 2020 at the latest – during the next term of Council.

On a scale of 1 – 10, what is your level of concern about climate change, with 10 being the highest?

4. What will you do to reduce local carbon dioxide emissions and increase Greater Sudbury’s resilience to climate change in our natural and built environment?
As a City, providing alternatives to single motor vehicle transport will help achieve lower emissions rates. However, we must ensure that the alternatives methods used (ei. public transit) are practical and cost effective for the residents of Ward 5, and the entire City of Greater Sudbury. From 1978 to 2017, over 3,400 hectares of land were limed and grassed and over 9.7 million trees have been planted. Exploring new efforts/ideas, and continuing with current initiatives of the Regreening Program will also benefit it's residents. I also believe that the City of Greater Sudbury could continue working with existing businesses, as well as the Provincial and Federal government, in finding ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions on a local level, and implementing initiatives already in place.

5. What will you do to support meaningful citizen engagement in municipal policies and decisions, and to support citizen-led community improvements?
My campaign is about talking to residents, and hearing their ideas about the issues in our community. We need to continue to utilize our City resources (ei. Facebook Page, Website, flyers to households, public consultation meetings, etc.) to reach out to our community and to ensure that they are well informed in all municipal policies and decisions. I would also encourage a new approach in more town hall style meetings with my constituents to give them an overview of projects currently in play (these could be on a monthly or bi-monthly basis at a location accessible to all residents of Ward 5, or in multiple locations which would include on site presentations and live streaming on Facebook). As a potential Councillor, I think it is wise to inform citizens of groups that exist within our City who's goal are to lead community improvements, such as the Community Action Networks (or CANs), and whom are in desperate need of volunteers, and do very important work to see projects move forward (ei. The Valley East CAN is currently working on a community garden, and finding an appropriate site for a dog park).

6. What will you do ensure that the health of Greater Sudbury’s lakes, rivers and creeks are protected and enhanced?
The Source Water Protection Plan was prepared by the Greater Sudbury Source Protection Committee and came into effect on April 1st, 2015. It is therefore important to ensure the sources and prescribes policies, actions and programs to reduce or eliminate these threats are put into action and enforced by our local authorities (ei. By-law officers, Risk Management Official, Risk Management Inspector, etc.).

7. Here are some of our specific priorities that require leadership to implement. Indicate your level of support for:
[I will champion that, I will vote in favour, I will vote against, Unsure]
a) Creating a minimum grid of safe connected cycling routes across the city during this term of Council:
I will vote in favour
b) Providing staff to support food initiatives such as community gardens:
I will vote in favour
c) Giving citizens a direct say in community improvements through participatory planning and budgeting:
I will champion that
d) Educating private contractors and the public on the harmful effects of sodium and chloride on the environment and human health and finding alternatives:
I will vote in favour

8. Greater Sudbury has some new policies in place or in progress that have the potential to make a huge difference for our community if they are implemented. Indicate your level of support for implementing and resourcing these fundamental policies and plans:

[I will champion that, I will vote in favour, I will vote against, Unsure]
a) Energy and emissions plan; Climate change adaptation plan:
I will vote in favour
b) Transit action plan; Transit Master Plan; Transportation Demand Management Plan; Complete Streets Policy; Road Safety Audit; Sidewalk Priority Index; sustainable transportation elements of the Transportation Master Plan:
I will vote in favour
c) Greater Sudbury Food Strategy:
I will vote in favour
d) Subwatershed studies and plans.; Water and Wastewater Master Plan:
I will vote in favour

9. What (if any) steps are you going to take to tackle the use of disposable single-use plastics within our city? Are you willing to lead the way by having a conversation about it?
This question was chosen by the public using a ranked ballot process, from among the list of questions submitted by citizens.
The City of Greater Sudbury can help current initiatives in place which are geared towards reusing the use of disposable single-use plastics within our city (ei. my sister is involved with Last-Straw Sudbury, which has had some success to help restaurants and other local food establishments move towards reusable or environmentally friendly straw replacements). I would be more than happy to meet with current groups, and help work on new initiatives (ei. promoting recycling/green box initiatives, finding new methods of recycling products that currently are not on the list of recyclable materials by our facilities, etc).

10. Is there anything else you would like to add?
I would encourage all residents who may have additional questions or concerns to visit my website (www.lalondeward5.com) or to contact me directly (email at lalondeward5@gmail.com or by phone at 705-207-2988). Thank you!

Platform Statements

Climate Change
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Community Engagement

This campaign is about talking to residents, and hearing your ideas about the issues in our community.” “I strongly believe in standing up for the best interests of our community, by working in cooperation with others on Council, with our staff & our community, and in educating myself on every matter presented to me to ensure the right decision is being made for our City.”

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Environment and Water
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Sustainable Transportation
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