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Simon Nickson
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Email: simon.nickson1@gmail.com 
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Climate Change
Community Engagement
Environment and Water
Sustainable Transportation

2018 Survey


Ensure that the community voice is heard by Council and particularly represent the residents of Ward 9. There are both smaller Ward specific issues that need attention (traffic infrastructure, roads, pedestrian/cyclist pathways, etc.) and Ward 9 input needs also to be considered as some of the larger City-wide initiatives move forward.

Promote walking, running and cycling network development. Enabling residents to participate in these activities will help to minimize the use of motorized vehicles.
Ensure that community input is heard. Listen to area concerns and identify solutions that might apply.
Support efforts to protect, clean and sustain our environment.
Continue to move away from using these myself as a start. We already try to minimize this usage and making use of recycling options also minimizes the impact. Using tap water and reusable bottles is common practice in our home and encouraging this type of action is worthwhile.
First, I felt that I could not answer parts of Questions 9 and 10 as some of the choices were associated with how I might vote on a particular issue. I think this type of answer is premature in my case and I did not feel comfortable deciding how one might vote on an issue without the specifics of what is involved. I think that the voting process is important and requires review of associated material and consideration of the related issues. I do want to note that all the issues identified in Questions 9 and 10 are important and deserve due consideration by the incoming Council. Secondly, one of the things that I think is underused in this community is the residential organic green cart program that the City of Greater Sudbury offers. This program can reduce the quantity of waste that goes as garbage to a Landfill Station. Encouraging residents to use this program is one thing that I would like to promote, especially since the City is moving to reduce the number of household garbage units picked up on a weekly basis.
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