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Al Sizer (incumbent)
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Email: al.sizer@greatersudbury.ca
Website:  alsizerward8.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alsizerward8
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2018 Platform

Climate Change
Community Engagement

Take responsibility for decisions made at the Council table and ensure that “Best Practice” processes are integral to all City projects.” “Ensure all decision- making is open, transparent, accessible to review by all taxpayers.”
From http://www.alsizerward8.ca/platform.html, checked August 14, 2018

Environment and Water

“Perform an active role in protecting and improving our green space in Ward 8.”
From http://www.alsizerward8.ca/platform.html, checked August 14, 2018

Sustainable Transportation

“Continue plans for work on a “complete street” model providing for all types of transportation – walking, cycling and vehicles.”

From http://www.alsizerward8.ca/platform.html, checked August 14, 2018


Quality of Life: “Ensure that a splash pad be installed at Twin Forks Playground for use in summer of 2019.”

Social equity: “Continue to work on a plan to provide affordable housing with an emphasis on increasing senior’s housing units.” “Continue to plan for a method of reducing transit costs for seniors and families on fixed income.” “Provide a method of reducing costs of Leisure Programs in order to allow for total inclusion of all residents who wish to use City programs.”

From http://www.alsizerward8.ca/platform.html, checked August 14, 2018

2018 Survey


If I am elected I would build and continue initiatives started during this term. While active transportation initiatives will be a major component of my platform, providing more affordable housing with the emphasis on Seniors housing. Also, I am advocating for a method that would provide reduced transit fares for those who are need of assistance as well as reducing costs for Leisure Service programming for access to the programs to be accessible to all in our community. In order we as a city can attain such goals, we must encourage development to help increase our tax base and providing good paying jobs to our residents. To that notion, there are endless opportunities. While requiring more investment/development, it must be done in a manner that will have the least amount of impact on the environment and attributes such as the 330 lakes we have in our community. Infrastructure is important. Yes our roads need work but I’m more concerned about water and sewer infrastructure and this is where we should be concentrating our rehabilitation projects.

I am committed to continuing the initiative of a complete street philosophy with an emphasis on public transit and alternative means of transportation. Incentives that were just recently canceled by the Provincial government providing subsidies to retro-fit homes reducing their use of fossil fuels; we must lobby the provincial government to restore those grants and subsidies. As a member of the Planning Committee, I will continue to work within the guidelines prescribed by the Provincial Policy Statement and the City's Official Plan to encourage development with the measures to encourage development with the least impact on the environment.
Firstly, in Ward 8 I have inherited a very active Community Action Network and I will continue to support initiatives and dialogue from this forum. I continue to push for a better method of communicating with our residents what plans Council are contemplating. Although not quite there yet, I do support more use or more options for Public Information Sessions regarding planned projects. Included in that is a robust complaint response system which clearly provides residents with the status of their request made to the various city departments. I am also of the strong opinion that voicing suggestions to your elected representatives should provide an avenue for further discussion.
While not an expert in what is totally required, I would support watershed studies, the work of the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee the Nickel District Conservation Authority and other bodies such as the Ramsay Lake Stewardship Committee. As stated previously, planning must consider the impact on what future development will have on our environment. Just as somewhat of an aside, I would like to see the prohibition of ice huts, cars and trucks on Lake Ramsay during the winter ice fishing season.
Absolutely. I am thrilled to see we do now have a group of citizens dedicated to promoting the removal of single use plastics. One only watch the video of a large sea turtle having a plastic straw surgically removed for its nose to reinforce the need to eliminate plastic that does have alternative types of material that can provide the same service. My eleven year old granddaughter and I speak often about this initiative. She certainly understands the repercussions of doing nothing.
I am looking forward to another term at the Council Table. I really do believe that policy and initiatives by this current council are realizing the maturing of our community. Greater Sudbury is the capital of the North - we will continue to lead both locally and regionally. Times are changing - we must continue to make decisions that address that change.
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