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Robert Kirwan (incumbent)
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Phone:  705-929-2778
Email: robert.kirwan@greatersudbury.ca
Website: http://www.valleyeasttoday.ca/Election%202014/Kirwan%20Robert.htm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RobertKirwanWard5/
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2018 Platform

Climate Change
Community Engagement

“We need to be doing more to empower neighbourhood associations so that they can help bring back that good old spirit that existed in the 50’s and 60’s where neighbours knew each other and were more engaged in activities that improved the quality of life for everyone in the area.”
From http://www.valleyeasttoday.ca/Election%202014/Kirwan%20Robert.htm and https://www.facebook.com/groups/RobertKirwanWard5/permalink/466220417191695/, checked September 7, 2018

Environment and Water

I am in full support of using the 28 acre parcel of undeveloped land at the Howard Armstrong Recreation Centre for a new twin-pad multi-purpose facility and a 20 acre waling/hiking/nature trail network that will be accessible for all of our residents.” “I intend to continue to make this (a 3rd ball field to the Centennial Park Complex) a part of the total package that includes the twin – pad multi use arena at the HARC so that when we close Centennial, we repurpose the entire park and make it like another Terry Fox complex for the northern sector of Greater Sudbury.”

From http://www.valleyeasttoday.ca/Election%202014/Kirwan%20Robert.htm and https://www.facebook.com/groups/RobertKirwanWard5/permalink/466220417191695/, checked September 7, 2018

Sustainable Transportation

“I know that a lot of my Sudbury constituents use public transit so this is a priority for me moving forward. We need a better service that is even more affordable.”
From http://www.valleyeasttoday.ca/Election%202014/Kirwan%20Robert.htm checked October 12, 2018


Quality of life: “Ryan Heights now has one of the nicest playgrounds in the city and I want to help upgrade the rest of the playgrounds in Sudbury’s Ward 5.”

Equity: “Our older adults need home care and they need alternative housing options. I would like to make sure that their needs are met during the next term of Council.” “I want to continue to work with Social Housing to make sure that we implement affordable housing strategies across the city in order to provide low income residents with a better quality of life. We also need to address the social determinants of health that will improve their health and wellness.”

Arts and Culture/Downtown: “Place des Arts is not a luxury. We have such an opportunity to transform the downtown with the arts and culture facilities that we have approved for development over the next five years. I think arts and culture are part of this city’s heritage and we need to continue to invest in their future as much as we invest in sports and recreation.” “I am still very much in support of Place des Arts. I am also very much in support of continuing to develop the library, the art gallery, the convention & performance centre, the new hotel, the Elgin Greenway, the Brady Green Stairs project, the Tom Davies courtyard renewal, and the Sudbury Theatre Centre. All of this, including the Laurentian School of Architecture will give the downtown the kind of character and image that it deserves.”

Kingsway Entertainment District and Arena/Downtown:I have supported the Kingsway Entertainment District from the beginning because it became obvious to me that we would be able to use the arena / event centre to generate enough new commercial taxes and an increased share of revenue from Gateway Casinos to cover the cost of the new arena / event centre. In fact, as the 120 acres surrounding the KED develops, the City will end up earning far more in new revenue that it is going to cost to put up the arena. This is a great return on investment for the Corporation of the City of Greater Sudbury.” “Gateway Casinos is an integral part of the Kingsway Entertainment District.”

From http://www.valleyeasttoday.ca/Election%202014/Kirwan%20Robert.htm checked October 12 and https://www.facebook.com/groups/RobertKirwanWard5/permalink/466220417191695/, checked September 7, 2018

2018 Survey


I want to continue to develop and implement many of the policies and master plans that we were able to prepare during the past term. We have laid the groundwork for the future and it is important that we now have a chance to complete what we started.

I will look for ways of reducing my use of vehicles and will advocate for initiatives that look towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the coming years.
I will continue to support strategies that are requested by staff for citizen engagement. Our staff are very committed to encouraging public input for all initiatives. As a council, we are encouraging citizen-led proposals for community improvements and opportunities to work in partnership with the general public.
I will continue to support recommendations from staff that are needed to protect our lakes, rivers and creeks. Staff are well aware of the latest strategies and it is important for Council to give them the support to do what they feel is most effective.
I am always willing to take part in any conversation that members of the public would like to have with this issue.
Thank you for taking on this initiative.
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