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Brian Bigger (incumbent)
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Phone: 705-674-4455 ext. 2514
Email: mayor@greatersudbury.ca
Website: http://biggersudbury.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/biggersudbury2018/
Twitter:  @BiggerSudbury
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2018 Platform

Climate Change
Community Engagement
Environment and Water
Sustainable Transportation

2018 Survey


I want to continue the path we went down four years ago as a Council dedicated to working together to make our City strong, vibrant and efficient. We’re finally working as one, and even though we may disagree on some issues, we are a group dedicated to better Greater Sudbury and my goal is to maintain that momentum our City was lacking in previous administrations.

We’re already seeing less pollution and more energy efficient vehicles in transit and the City’s fleet. I’d like to see the City explore and implement more solar options for buildings, LED street lighting and consider zero pollution vehicles where it works. I will continue to promote long term resiliency through investment in municipal drain systems, flood control systems and stormwater management system priorities.
I’m out there listening to people at every event I attend. And that’s a lot. We already have a lot of sessions and official opportunities for dialogue already. But I also urge citizens to call their local representative, contact my office, show up and be heard at public meetings - engagement is a two way street.
As your mayor, I advocated successfully for provincial funding to allow the city to proceed on watershed and subwatershed studies that had been on the shelf since 2006. These studies will allow us to effectively prioritize the work to be done in our community. I have already started the same conversation with the current government, and I can proudly say that The City of Greater Sudbury’s is viewed as a leader in these efforts across the province. We also need to watch what’s currently going on the roads, on the grass to make sure that doesn’t find its way to water. We also need to keep working with experts at the Living With Lakes Centre regarding the causes of blue green algae and how we all need to work together to minimize the danger of those blooms. Protecting our water is an important part of every consideration when planning, developing and building in Greater Sudbury. I am also very aware that there are often a number of ways to achieve desired results.
I was lucky enough to meet Sophia Mathur and here about her great initiative to ban straws. I even tabled a motion supporting it. I’m willing to look at all options to reduce plastics and the pollution plastics cause. But I also know that’s not an easy option. We have to talk, collaborate and work together - it’ll take leaders from the City, from business and advocats like yourselves to find a solution that’s fair and acceptable.
As a mayor, I dedicate every day to bettering Greater Sudbury. We all need to work together at that and to see it through for the next generation. I also know there are no easy answers or out of the box solutions for a lot of the questions presented in this survey. I’m here to listen, to engage and to act on any idea that I believe can make Greater Sudbury a better city for us all.
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