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Joscelyne Landry-Altmann (incumbent)
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Phone: 705-674-1212
E-mail: joscelyne.landry-altmann@greatersudbury.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joscelyne.landryaltmann
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2018 Platform

Climate Change
Community Engagement
Environment and Water
Sustainable Transportation

2018 Survey


Complete the outstanding projects in Ward12 namely: Meandering Montrose,noise abatement for Maley Drive and Mountain st drainage phase 2. Laforest st. revitalization 2.Make the Ward and this city a safer and more vibrant place to live.The Laforestt street revitalization(launch Sept. 14th) is an example of working with the community (LUA,BIA ,CAN)to achieve this goal. 4-Support municipal policies that ensure that our vulnerable population is provided with equitable services , housing.and fair treatment. 5.Support investment diversification.

In the past terms I have advocated for the LIDs (low impact development )concept integration in our site plans -better development .both municipally and privately.Responsible stormwater management .Protect our lakes and implement an asset management policy for our lakes..and initiated the hiring of an energy manager at TDS. -Promote transit use,safer and accessible pedestrian sidewalks and trails. Have advocated for better winter maintenance on our sidewalks-2106 budget increase,cleared bus stops..continue to advocate for transit hubs(express buses ) transit masterplan is underway .. safer cycling lanes ,Ensure that the Junction Creek study's recommendations are implemented for better drainage and flood control mitigation in the Flour Mill area. -Initiated the preventative plumbing subsidy -now called the RIISP-which helps homeowners control flooding/back ups in their homes,but also disconnects eaves from stormwater sewers. -Initiated a motion/ammendment to OP, in which outdoor hydronic heaters are restricted in urban and high population density zones,therefore improving the air quality in densely populated areas.
I am a great believer in community consultation and have implemented community discussion whenever and wherever possible, consistently in the past 12 years.It has been my guide for better decision making.I have found that the most successful meaningful citizen engagement has been when staff and the community get together.Residents have the opportunity to voice their concerns and staff get the opportunity to familiarize and understand these concerns first hand..It has makes for a better outcome. Over the years,I have helped 3 CANs(Uptown,Flour Mill and New Sudbury)get started in the Ward-through volunteer participation of course, with the purpose of community consultaion and engagement in mind.Together we have acoomplished many good projects and addressed local concerns. Lately,the Primeauvillle designation project is a good example of a community coming together,We first got together in August of 2017.The resident expressed their concerns to staff and support agencies. We formulated a plan ,and got things done resulting in a neighborhood that is stronger,friendlier and saferand a lovely historic mural Primeauville to commemorate the work done. .Save our Mountain is another example .as is Junction Creek study:public meetings with staff in areas most affected . Another good example is when I initiated a motion to have the transportation master plan come back for further public consultation post first draft.(2016) and it did.Recommendations were improved. I will continue consulting with the residents as I always have.
1-Ward specific:East Junction Creek study-ensure that the funding remains in place in order to implement the recommendations of the study when completed. Explore the possibility of an asset management policy for our lakes. Continue supporting LIDS (low impact development )development policies Continue supporting the 500K being put aside for watershed studies annually.and their recommendations Continue supporting disconnecting eaves from our stormsewers,and supporting the use of rainbarrels.
I support this.This is a new initiative that certainly merits looking into further.It's common sense and I give kudos to the initiators.I look forward to supporting this in any way I can.
Since 2006,when I was first elected, I have always advocated for policies promoting safety in the home, our streets ,sidewalks,playgrounds,neighborhoods including the downtown ,our city as a whole. I believe that safety is foremost in the well being and quality of life of all citizens.It is also a major factor in ensuring the viability and future of this city. This translates in programs to protect the infrastructure of your home,our municipal assets. Streets that have safe accessible sidewalks ,with adequate winter maintenance to provide easy access. Streets that are well lit ,well constructed,and designed respecting established neighbourhoods and longtime residents(Meandering Montrose) and noise abatement measures for MAley,Dr. Playgrounds that are age appropriate,that have undergone a CPTED) audit crime prevention through environmental design) ,for play structure placement to ensure safety. Neighborhoods that have vibrant community groups working together to ensure that safety if of prime concern. Subsequently a safe well planned,well designed city attracts investment and tourism. Safety takes many forms and also applies to the prudent management of tax dollars as well. Residents need to know that their tax dollars are safe.That they are well invested to maximize and maintain services .That they are wisely invested to ensure that that Greater Sudbury thrives . Lastly,I will continue to ask the tough questions. Thank you .
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