Ward 6

A blank area indicates that the information is not available or that the candidate did not complete the survey.

Compare what the candidates had to say about sustainable transportation, water and natural environment, local food, citizen engagement, climate change.

Survey responses

When deciding how to vote, or where to dedicate your time on Council, how important to you is:
 [most important; very important; important; not important; don’t know]

Making it safer and more convenient to get around the City on foot or with a mobility device, by bike, or on the bus. 

Candidate namequestion_2c
Chris Bentley very important
Jesse Brooks most important
René Lapierre (incumbent) very important
André Rivest

Here are some of our specific priorities that require leadership to implement. Indicate your level of support for:
[“I will champion that” “I will vote in favour”, “I will vote against”, “Unsure”]

Creating a minimum grid of safe connected cycling routes across the city during this term of Council .

Candidate namequestion_7a
Chris Bentley I will vote in favour
Jesse Brooks Unsure
René Lapierre (incumbent) I will vote in favour
André Rivest

Greater Sudbury has some new policies in place or in progress that have the potential to make a huge difference for our community if they are implemented.  Indicate your level of support for implementing and resourcing these fundamental policies and plans:
[“I will champion that” “I will vote in favour”, “I will vote against”, “Unsure”]

Transit action plan; Transit Master Plan; Transportation Demand Management Plan; Complete Streets Policy; Road Safety Audit; Sidewalk Priority Index; sustainable transportation elements of the Transportation Master Plan.

Candidate namequestion_8b
Chris Bentley I will vote in favour
Jesse Brooks I will vote in favour
René Lapierre (incumbent) I will champion that
André Rivest

Platform statements

Candidate nameSustainable Transportation
Chris Bentley
Jesse Brooks

“Safe streets and efficient traffic flow are essential to a functional community. I will work to slow traffic on side streets.” “Free bus services.” (for seniors)

From https://www.jessebrooksforward6.com/platform, checked August 14, 2018

René Lapierre (incumbent)

“Continue to work toward a speed reduction solution for Elmview drive”
From https://renelapierre.ca/platform, checked October 12, 2018

André Rivest